I hate politicians. They claim to be carrying out a community service, doing it for the good of the people, when in reality they are lining their own pockets and getting off on the power. Let’s face it, if they were really that community minded, they’d do it for free. I can’t say the same about politicians in Zimbabwe though, the oppositions ones at least.

Arresting the leader of the opposition is one thing, banning rallies and adverts is, well to be expected in Zimbabwe, but beating to death the wives (yes wives, plural), of the opposition is just sick and a terrible price to pay for being a politician.

“The wife of the unofficial mayor of Harare was so badly beaten that her brother-in-law struggled to identify the body. Abigail Chitoro, 27, was dragged from her home with her four-year-old son before a mob firebombed the house.”

Daily Mail

This farce has to end, the election is pointless; assuming that the police do not stand over the electorate whilst they cast their vote and Tsvangirai wins, it won’t make any difference. Mugabe and the Zanu PF have demonstrated clearly that they will not cede power to anyone else. If Tsvangirai, by some miracle, still manages to win, he won’t live 24 hours let alone take power.

Enough is enough, Mugabe had his chance to play fair, he hasn’t and now five million Zimbabweans are facing starvation, hundreds are dead and the ones causing the problem are not going anywhere.

The AU is a waste of time, most African nations are either corrupt, dictatorships or both. They are hardly likely to criticise Mugabe when their own houses are in such a poor state, albeit better hidden.

They’ll also never agree to allow UN or EU peacekeepers or any form of military into Zimbabwe as it will set a precedent, in other words it might encourage the UN or EU to make a job of it and clear up the whole continent.

Mugabe does his best to thwart any intervention by using emotive phrases such as ‘colonial masters’, and by praying that other African nations will block any attempt by a European power to step foot into Africa again but there is a limit and I am sure that in the next week he will cross it.

4 responses to “Zimbabwe

  1. friend of asshole pierre trudeau

    friend of pierre trudeau kgb bumboy

    do things properly

  2. I’m new here,and find your voice valid and refreshing. I’m in the USA, in a place where very few have even one social-conscience bone in their bodies. Thanks for venting( sharing you viewpoint), though on Zimb. truly you could’ve been a bit clearer or more detailed – sometimes more is better!
    (Privately, if I share my info with you, I hope we do not start a panning-fest, OK?) Thanks again and blog on.

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