Giving the internet a bad name

One of the caveats of using the internet has always been, ‘Don’t believe everything you read as any idiot can set up a website’, but that hasn’t always been strictly true. They would at least have needed some knowledge of website design or had the means to pay for someone to do it for them.

Today however, with things such as blogs that caveat really does ring true. Take this site for instance. A site so bizarre you have to believe it was intended as a joke, after all people cannot really be this stupid can they?

The site is full of hatred, myths, propaganda and myriad errors, yet when anyone points them out they have their comments edited and filled with puerile remarks about their sexuality, the length of their penis and curiously, their mothers private parts. Their email address publicly displayed on the website, as is their apparent location, and they are banned from commenting on the site. In the short space of time that I was visiting the site I saw this happen to three commenters, one of them was me.

A quote from the website:

“I don’t know if you’ve been reading TMQ2 lately. If you have, you’ve probably noticed people with seemingly English and American names like Charlie and Jimmy and Drew are doing what Arabs are paid to do to here.”

Not just stupid, but paranoid too. It went on…

“They leave messages (that we could edit out, but why bother?) that are supposed to win people over to their side.”

Why indeed, but you did. Just look at the comments by Charlie, Drew and Jimmy, for some reason they all now say the same thing.

As for sides, I am sure any one who has read some of my posts here will see, I am completely objective and impartial, I treat both sides with equal contempt. Let’s face it, anyone who believes in cosmic beings creating life is going to have someone else come along who worships a completely different, although equally silly, idol and disagree with them.

It always reminds me of the red and blue hats in Red Dwarf.

This little gem proves the complete idiocy of the bloggers there:

“Arabs gladly waste their time doing that kind of work for money. They gladly slit throats for money. They blow up cars, weddings and pizza parlors. They gladly get their mothers killed and fuck their sisters for money…….and they want you to think we at TMQ2 are full of hate.”

As I said, it has to be a spoof site.

“Nobody has to read a word of what we’re saying.”

Nobody should read a word of what you are saying, and if they do they certainly should not believe a word of it. The author of that particular post actually puts PhD after his name in a vain attempt to lend weight to his ramblings.

One of the other contributors to that site has commented here, Lance, but he seemed a little wary of me finding out his location and used an anonymous proxy to make the post. Perhaps he was a little worried that I may look him up on my next trip to the US and beat him to within an inch of his life for his insolence.

He needn’t have bothered, I already know that he lives in New York.

13 responses to “Giving the internet a bad name

  1. Charlie,
    You’re in over your shrunken head, boy. First of all nobody reads our lame blog. Secondly, everybody that follows liberal spew like yours is as stupid as toy. So give it up and close your big mouth in the future, You know, the same one that shit all over our popular blog. Save your sputum for your own lame ass blog, you wanker and coward, LOL

  2. First of all nobody reads our lame blog.

    I believe you.

    Secondly, everybody that follows liberal spew like yours is as stupid as toy

    You see that is what you fail to realise, I am not a liberal but incidentally your hero Winston Churchill was. I just don’t like Israel. If Israel did not exist, neither would the PLO, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda etc.

    Sure the Arabs would have found something else to fight about in the region, but they always have.

    As for coward, I am not the one hiding behind anonymous proxies.

  3. Charlie you sound and act like a 2-year-old brat not getting his way. First I’ll make a show of comradeship, let me offer you something to suck to prevent you from wailing like an undereducated idiot.

    Stop being a coward! Or have the decency to paint a yellow streak down your back signifying that you at least are an honest coward.

    Here’s something (Zzzzzziiiiip!) to suck on a bit.

    You’re a left-wing moron. Grow a brain, Join the Army and fight for your country. I already did. Got the shit blown out of me, but I’d it again for my country. Why don’t you at least stop being a coward…nobody cares what you have to say.

    Enjoy that meat whistle. LOL

    And stop trying to talk with your big mouth full of sausage. TMQ2 is here to stay 2+ years and we’re just getting warmed up.

    ***gobble gobble***

  4. Charlie you sound and act like a 2-year-old brat not getting his way.

    Says the man that is editing my comments on his blog to make it appear that I am making remarks about my sexuality, and that has since banned me from his blog.

    …let me offer you something to suck…Here’s something (Zzzzzziiiiip!) to suck on a bit…Enjoy that meat whistle. LOL…talk with your big mouth full of sausage…***gobble gobble***

    Nor am I the one making continuous references to male on male fellatio. I have never seen the like before, five references in one comment. You are completely obsessed with having oral relations with another man.

    Join the Army and fight for your country. I already did.

    Oh I doubt that, isn’t there a law against gays in the army in the US?

    As I have mentioned, I come from a family of military men, I have already done my bit for my country.

    Got the shit blown out of me

    I am sure you did, law or no law.

    TMQ2 is here to stay 2+ years and we’re just getting warmed up.

    Sadly there isn’t a law against speaking absolute bollocks, fortunately I think that most of your readers are either like minded idiots, or smart enough to see it as the rubbish that it really is.

    I really don’t have anything against Americans, just idiots.

  5. Fuck off you sissy-fuck Brit. We kicked your country’s arrogant asses twice. We may have to do it again…starting with you, punk.


  6. If you dislike idiots, then it follows, absolutely, that you hate yourself. This explains your cognitive dissociation, that or your mother was a bloody billygoat.


  7. You’re a hack. Fair and impartial? Baloney. Get off the web. You don’t belong here.

  8. Fuck off you sissy-fuck Brit. We kicked your country’s arrogant asses twice. We may have to do it again…starting with you, punk.


    Ah, I see we have now degenerated into a ‘My country is better than your country…’ argument. You’ve been best by a superior intellect and a reasoned and sound argument so behave like spoilt children. Your ignorance of history is surpassed only by your knowledge of playground insults, and I cannot resist giving you history lesson.

    Lance, the US kicked British ass twice? I assume you mean the War of Independence? Britain had just kicked France’s ass and become the most powerful nation of earth, and widely despised for it (you know what that is like now don’t you?) When the colonies declared their independence they were supported by everyone, just to annoy the British. The French, Dutch, Germans, Russians, Spanish and a few others created an Atlantic blockade stopping British reinforcements arriving. The French went further and landed a huge army in the colonies that fought the decisive battles for you, including Yorktown. It was the French fleet that smashed the British fleet at Yorktown meaning there was no retreat for the British and it was the French that led the attack on Yorktown that led to the British surrender. So not only did the French and most of Europe actually do most of the kicking, but you could say that if it were not for France, there would be no USA, so you owed them one in WWII. Which is why I find this American anti-French sentiment all the more baffling.

    As for the war of 1812 aka the invasion of Canada, it was a dismal failure. Even though Britain was bogged down fighting yet another diminutive dictator who had conquered most of Europe, Napoleon, the USA still managed to gain precisely zero territory and suffered the indignity of having the White House burnt down.

    I am not going to get into an argument with you about the British Empire and its pros and cons, suffice to say that if it were so bad, why did 250,000 Americans emigrate to Canada after the war of indepence? That was a quarter of the population. Why did the Native Americans try to seek sanctuary in Canada? Because they had more rights under the Crown than they did under the US constitution. If Britain was so bad, why did we abolish slavery 60 years before the US and through an act of parliament, rather than a war? Why did we then use the world’s most powerful navy to almost single handedly end slavery around the world?

    As for treating colonies poorly, what about Hawaii? How many died during the US annexation? What about the Philippines? They fought a war of Independence, just like you, against a colonial power, just like you, rather than grant them independence when they had the chance, the US slaughtered them. Oh and what about Puerto Rico, just precisely why isn’t that a state? Why won’t the US let the Native Indians have their own homeland within the US? That have just as much right to one as the Jews.

    Not to mention the mess in Iraq, Afghanistan….

    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    The Arab- Israeli conflicts contain innapropriate behavior on both sides.

    The only sensible thing that you have said so far. I have never justified the actions of the Palestinians terrorists or other terrorists, all their actions are abhorrent, however you’re the one that tried to justify the atrocities committed by the Israeli’s without any real knowledge of what happened there, other than the sick propaganda you are spoon fed by other wackos.

    There was never an agreement with the League of Nations about it becoming a Jewish homeland.

    ….that were crushed by the iron fist of British occupiers

    Ah, I see the British were sadistic occupiers, so what exactly are the US in Iraq then? You imply that the attacks were justified because the British had no right to be there, but then, nor did the Jews did they? Almost all of those causing the trouble were immigrants.

    Also if you’re saying that the British were occupiers and shouldn’t have been there in the first place and implying that it made the British fair game, then you are also justifying the attacks on US soldiers in Iraq, or are you too stupid to see that?

    As for making promises that they couldn’t deliver…..Iraq anyone????

    Every dog has its day and it just happens to be the USA’s at the moment. Rather than looking at history and pointing out the past mistakes and accusing other nations of being callous, you should be studying them and making sure that your country does not repeat them.

  9. Fuck off you sissy-fuck Brit. We kicked your country’s arrogant asses twice. We may have to do it again…starting with you, punk.


    I’d take you up on that but I really don’t fancy going to San Francisco’s gay village to kick your ass.

  10. Charlie is a card-carrying communist. If ever there was an enemy to Western Civilization, Charlie is it. LOL

    Charlie, I’d kick your never-been-a-soldier ass faster than you could slurp the sperm from a camel dong. You’re — simply put — a PUSSY.

    There is no law against speaking bullshit, but there is one against abetting terrorists. I’m one of those chosen guys who can add you to the list. Too bad your IP gave you away. See you at GITMO, chucky-baby…LOL

    Charlie is banned from TMQ2. We don’t allow enemy sympathizers to propagandize in our house.


    Get off the web. You don’t belong here (or in society, for that matter). Be a hero and kill yourself pussy girl. LOL

    All the Charlie (aka Abu) comments are now being deleted from TMQ2. By sissy boy! LOL

  11. Lance, I have condensed your comments into one, I hope you don’t mind but you were making it seem as though you were my biggest fan.

    Now I am a communist? Weren’t they the bogey men of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s? I thought that it was the A-rabs now? Anything that keeps you fearful and in your place I suppose.

    I’m one of those chosen guys who can add you to the list. Too bad your IP gave you away. See you at GITMO, chucky-baby…LOL

    Now you’re a fantasist, even if you had my actual IP address, which you don’t, you’ll be surprised to find that I do not live under US law, nor am I brown. Just because I disagree with you it doesn’t mean that I am a terrorist.

    Be a hero and kill yourself pussy girl…

    Your compassion for your fellow man is astonishing.

    All the Charlie (aka Abu) comments are now being deleted from TMQ2. By sissy boy! LOL

    Ah, I see. Now I am getting the blame for everyone that disagrees with you. I am sorry but if you’re being an idiot in a public place, you should expect people to try and put you right.

  12. Abou-akacharlie

    Nay international jewry will be deposed. Your bethrallment of the world will be broken. As the international secular jew schemes antipodes are born. Lance its me again. International jewish effrontery will be bought into the open.

    [Edit – Try putting things in the correct field, i.e. don’t write out a long message as your name, write it in the box provided. Next time you’re deleted. ]

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