MPs expenses exposed – at last!

At some point in 2005, the then Chancellor decided that five channels just weren’t enough to keep him entertained. Freeview was an option, but there aren’t many good channels on Freeview and no porn channels. Sky TV was another option, but to get the decent channels it can become quite expensive. Naturally money was no object to Mr Brown, and he plumped for Sky.

The total bill for the taxpayer – £372! Those pay per view porn channels sure do add up. I am not sure what is more shocking, that he spent this much on Sky TV or that he can spend that much on Sky TV and then have it paid for by the taxpayer. Are there no checks whatsoever on expenses?

Tony Blair spent £10,000 doing up the kitchen of one of his homes, paid for by the taxpayer, and £500 on a new dishwasher. On what possible grounds does Tony Blair having a new kitchen and saving time with a dishwasher become of such national importance that it needs to be paid for by the taxpayer?

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, summed it beautifully:

“It’s clear that this allowance pays for much more than just a base in London – MPs use it to fund a lifestyle far more comfortable than their constituents enjoy. Taxpayers should not be made to pay for Gordon Brown’s Sky TV subscription or Tony Blair’s £10,000 kitchen. Given the economic climate and the fact that everyone’s feeling poorer, it’s high time MPs reined in the amounts they spend. It is costly for taxpayers and harmful to the standing of Parliament for them to use expenses to live the high life.”

Still, you don’t embarrass seasoned money grabbing bastards like this and get away with it. The expensive court case to block the release of these expenses may have failed, after costing £100,000, but MPs aren’t completely useless. If there is one thing that they excel at it is covering their own arses. Now to avoid the embarrassment of having their expense receipts trawled over, the expenses system for their second home is to be changed – to a system that requires no receipts! MPs would be given either a block grant for their second home or £175 a day, with no paper trail.

The leeches aren’t content with that though, they are also making moves to get rid of the sign in system, so that their constituents, who’ll be paying for their second homes in London, won’t know how much time they’ll actually spend in Parliament working.

This just shows what mugs we are in Britain.

2 responses to “MPs expenses exposed – at last!

  1. Concerning a £372 Sky bill… How much do you think you pay for Sky?

    I think you should have a look at the going rate for Sky TV. I don’t know whether or not you’re a subscriber, but by my reckoning £372, or £31 per month, is roughly the price of one of their standard packages with either movies or sports thrown in. No Sky+, no second box, no pay-per-view and no installation or equipment costs.

    £372 doesn’t get you much Sky TV at all.

    Otherwise, yeah, Tony Blair’s expenses are obscene. I’d lay off the ‘not sure what is more shocking’ rhetoric, though – it seems like your real complaint is with BSkyB, not Gordon Brown.

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I’m not a Sky subscriber and I admit that I didn’t really have any idea about the prices, £372 a year just seemed like a hell of a lot for TV. But taking a quick look at Sky prices, they start at £16 a month, but this was 3 years ago. There could have been an excuse for perhaps choosing the basic package, but no excuse for wasting that much money on a premium package.

    My point was really twofold, firstly that the Chancellor, who is meant to quite thrifty, would choose the most expensive TV option; most people in Britain make do with five channels, or Freeview. The second point was that a luxury, such as Sky TV, is provided by the taxpayer. When it clearly shouldn’t be.

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