Blair Force One Downed – Almost

Israel almost did the world a huge favour, or at least their airforce did. I say almost as even though Israeli fighter jets had Blair in their sights, they let him go. The man really does lead a charmed life, the Israeli’s didn’t show such leniency to the USS Liberty.

BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Blair jet faced Israeli warplanes

Israeli fighter aircraft were scrambled to intercept a jet carrying former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair after its crew failed to identify themselves.

Tony Blair - BBCUnfortunately the crew identified themselves in time to save Blair and the others on board. I suppose it wouldn’t be fair to take out all those other innocent people too, but then again Blair has never had such qualms.

It would have saved the British taxpayer a fortune, we are apparently funding Blair’s peace mission. He’s been on it 11 months but barely spent any time in the Middle East, even so he’s hiring out the top three floors of one of the most prestigious hotels in Israel, all courtesy of the British taxpayer.

I had always wondered what someone like Blair does after leaving office, where else can a politician go after reaching the top? The answer is now clear, an unelected position that pays four times more than his job as PM and where he is funded by the taxpayer, but accountable to no one.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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