Men officially surplus to requirements

MPs reject IVF ‘right to father’ as Government defeats fresh challenge to fertility laws | Mail Online

Fathers were declared an irrelevance today as MPs voted to scrap the need for IVF doctors to consider a child’s need for a male role model.

Another shocking example of the poor state that this country is in and the worrying direction that we are heading into. In our haste to pander to every minority, religion or focus group in Britain we are losing sight on the fundamental principles on which this nation is founded.

The Government, in removing the need for a father and replacing it with ‘supportive parenting’, which could mean absolutely anything, has indeed placed the final nail in the coffin of the British family. Despite the fact that study, after study has shown that the best environment for a child to grow up in is to have a loving mother and father, the Government is still deciding otherwise.

What makes this worse is the Governments pretence that it is to protect single women and lesbians.

“The Government argued that the law as it stood discriminated against single women and lesbian couples…”

Call me old fashioned but what reason has a single woman to have IVF treatment anyway? If she is single she shouldn’t be considering a baby. A child is something that is brought into the world to be part of a family, not to be the family itself. That is like treating children like fashion accessories. A single man cannot decide to have a child alone, in the interests of fairness why are we in a situation where women can but men cannot? After all biologically, neither can have a child without the other anyway.

As for lesbian couples, lesbians make up at most 3% of the population, so this is at best to pander to the 3% of the population that could already get IVF treatment anyway. Why, yet again are we putting the rights of a tiny minority above the rights of the other 97% of the UK population?

I think that the real reason is:

“The legislation will also allow two women both to be registered formally as a child’s “mother” on birth certificates.”

This is the crux of it, the right for women to have children and raise them completely without men, and for this to appear normal. It is like something from some bizarre parallel universe or like from the two Ronnie’s sketch, The Worm That Turned.

But this isn’t some comedy sketch, it is modern Britain.

One female Labour MP said:

“It’s wrong to make judgments [sic] about families and tell one family they are normal and another family that they are abnormal. It is wrong to vilify single parents. It is wrong to discriminate against lesbian couples.”

Yet it is OK to discriminate against 50% of the population and tell them that they are not needed? Let’s be clear here, normal is two parents – a mother and a father. Anything else is abnormal. Single parents are single due to circumstance, not by choice.

Labour has proven to be anti marriage for quite some time, even though poll after poll after poll has shown that the vast majority of people in Britain believe that a mother and father is vital in a child’s upbringing, they seem to be going out of their way to make gay seem more normal than normal.

‘This week, the party’s deputy leader Harriet Harman was criticised after insisting ministers would not promote marriage. She said higher rates of family separation were a “positive” because they suggested people had “greater choice”.’

To think that in Britain today senior politicians believe that broken families were a positive is simply shocking and another clear example of why we need to remove this witless bunch of free loaders who like to think they know what is best for us, when in reality they make Jade Goody seem worldly wise.

I am starting to see that it is no coincidence that nearly all MPs come from one of the most hated, unscrupulous and complained about professions on the planet – lawyers.


3 responses to “Men officially surplus to requirements

  1. Free to think, free to believe...

    I remember when feminists would say – oh no, we’d never go that far… That of course came after the jocular phase of ‘we don’t need you…’ which came in with sperm banks… well they need something they don’t have unless they want a pure clone…

    Problematically I can see that evidence has shown that if a child has a stable parent it doesn’t matter which gender it is and that is the basis for this. Time will tell whether or not there’s a difference between ‘mixed gender’ couples and ‘single gender’ couples…

    One thing I think is false is that the biological father – which women will need until cloning two partners and seeing what comes out… – is completely removed. If you can have two mothers why can you not also ONE father as well? Eventually the child will realise that there’s some DNA not around the place… what happens then?

    And if there is a surrogate mother for a ‘single gender – male’ couple – do they stay on the birth certificate or can there be two fathers? That hasn’t been mentioned so I think I’ll go with – no. As in ‘Not Yet’, just wait for an amendment some time in the future.

    As I’ve so often said on your provoking blog – What kind of society do we really want?

  2. Problematically I can see that evidence has shown that if a child has a stable parent it doesn’t matter which gender it is and that is the basis for this.

    I don’t know. Kids can be cruel and when on parents evening two mums, or even two dads show up, they’ll know something is up. It doesn’t take much for a kid to get picked on, and let’s face it something like that would provide plenty of ammunition.

    Despite the Government trying to make things like that appear normal, it isn’t normal, kids aren’t stupid. They have pets, they see animal programmes on the TV they know it is male and female to produce offspring.

    What kind of society do we really want?

    One that protects it’s honest, hard-working citizens and remembers that Britain is a democracy – ergo majority rule, and stops passing legislation purely for the benefit of the few whilst making the majority feel unappreciated.

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Hotblooded.

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