MPs Taking the piss is OK

Apparently it is OK for MPs to spend taxpayers hard earned cash on frivolous luxury items such as taxi rides, at least according to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. It seems that when you are an MP, everything is free.

I am sure that if I tried to claim back taxi rides to Tesco from my boss, or even the Inland Revenue, as a legitimate business expense, I’d be in trouble, yet layabout MPs can even have their houses decorated at our expense. Not to mention have their council tax and mortgage paid, why do we put up with this? In no other profession can a person claim back so much from their ’employer’ without any kind of checks.

Everyone else has to pay for all these sorts of things out of their salary, I don’t understand why MPs should be any different, particularly as they are the ones costing everyone else so much of their salary in the first place, not to mention setting the taxes in the first place. It must be quite gratifying setting taxes, knowing full well that you’ll never have to pay them.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards has proven what a pointless waste of space he is, he should be replaced by three members of the public, a pensioner, an unemployed person and a single mum, people for whom being thrifty is a way of life; then see what expenses they can take the piss with. Having former MPs decide what MPs can claim in expenses is like having MPs choose their own pay rate, a complete farce.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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