Out with the old, in with the new…

In another affront to freedom of speech and democracy, Putin has silenced the Russian press over allegations that he has divorced his wife to marry a 24 year old gymnast.

The Russian Parliament or Duma  passed the bill to silence the press with an incredible 339-1. The dissenter was no doubt taken outside and shot after the vote count.

Like him remaining President despite being unable to by law, Putin believes that if no one knows the truth, it’s all OK.


Putin has never been as popular as he is now, in a large part because the press hasn’t been this strictly controlled by the Kremlin since the days of Communism. The man can do no wrong, or at least no wrong that the Russian people will hear about.

Print is the sharpest and the strongest weapon of our party.
– Joseph Stalin

kabaeva_7 I am sure that the confidence and respect that Russians have in Putin would be severely dented if they knew that he’d cast aside his wife of 25 years for a woman the same age has his daughters.

That and the other information that the press aren’t allowed to print, such as the fact that Putin is Europe’s richest man,  and it was all made on the backs of the people he was meant to be serving.

Putin has of course denied all the allegations, and the ordinary Russian on the street has no reason to believe otherwise.

This seems to be a common thing amongst despots, Mugabe also traded his wife in for a newer model. Of course Putin wife has died under mysterious circumstances but I am sure that the operatives in Dzerzhinsky Square are working on that.

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