When should we give up on a career criminal?

Zuzanna Zommer was 14 when she had her innocence and her life cruelly and savagely taken from her. I cannot even imagine what fear, terror and pain this poor girl must have gone through whilst being sexually assaulted and then bleeding to death after having her throat cut. I can however, imagine how it could have been avoided.

Zuzanna Before Michael Clark assaulted and murdered Zuzanna he was a model citizen, he’d never been in trouble before and his actions that day were completely out of character….of course he wasn’t, he was a career pervert who had numerous convictions.

Michael Clark served time for raping a woman he met in a nightclub in 1991. Not content with raping her, he subjected her to a serious sexual assault involving a banana. For some reason our justice system believed it could rehabilitate him and despite the fact that the depraved bastard was still a danger to ordinary members of society, he was released.

Soon after his release he was giving in to his debauched urges once again, this time attacking a woman who only managed to escape during his assault by smashing a window. He went to prison once again for indecent assault and affray.

Not serving much in the way of a sentence he was out again by 2003 and was convicted of attacking a prostitute.

Even to the most casual of observers, it is clear where Clark is heading with his vile behaviour, murder. This wasn’t some spur of the moment murder either, he’d been leading up to this for some time, engaging the family in conversation, inviting himself into their home and befriending them.

He meticulously planned the murder and more importantly the aftermath. After committing his evil crime he went home, changed and headed to the Post Office to be caught on CCTV and therefore gain an alibi. He also went to Blackpool, the man is so sick he celebrated the murder by having a day out at a theme park.

Fortunately, and in spite of his planning, he was caught as he just wasn’t very bright. He still had both of the murder weapons (clearly worried about being overpowered by a 14 year old girl he’d taken two knives – just to be sure) in his possession, and still covered in Zuzanna’s blood. Blood stained clothes were also found in his house and he was wearing trainers stained with Zuzanna’s blood.

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to know that this man is as guilty as they come. The only real question about this case is why wasn’t something done about this pervert earlier?

He had committed four serious crimes in twelve years, yet each time appeared to barely serve his sentence and was given parole, seemingly without difficulty.

If the danger that this deviant posed, and it was very clear that he was a danger, was recognised earlier and we had a justice system that protected innocent people, he would have been kept in prison indefinitely and a little girl would be leading a normal carefree life, as someone her age should be.

Instead we have a justice system that proves to be nothing but a minor inconvenience to the degenerates that it is meant to protect innocent people from. Each year it costs the taxpayer more and more to pamper and pander to these criminals in a pathetic attempt to understand and rehabilitate them, all whilst hardworking innocent people have their well being or their lives stolen from them.

Had someone, back in 2003, led Michael Clark out to the court yard and quietly strangled him, I am sure that no one would have shed a tear, but a young Polish girl would now be worrying about trivial things such as homework and laughing with her friends.


4 responses to “When should we give up on a career criminal?

  1. proggiemuslima

    And if this creature is found guilty again, would he finally get a life sentence, or under British sentencing laws is he likely to get out again?

    This story is so disturbing. However, even though many states here in the USA have the death penalty, due to its uneven application I’m not sure this story would read any differently if it had happened in the US.

    Some people just cannot be rehabilitated. People who doubt that that there is such a thing as “evil” need only look at the life of Michael Clark.

  2. Unfortunately he’ll probably only get about 15 years, so he’ll still only be 55 when he’s released.

    It is still called a life sentence in Britain, but it rarely means life anymore, I believe that 30 years is the maximum but as he’s only murdered one person he’ll most likely just get 15 years.

    That is no justice to the family of Zuzanna, nor his next victim.

  3. Well, he will probably get “whole life” (life without parole) today.

  4. He got 35 years, which whilst not a full life sentence, is just about as long as he could get.

    This brief summary of his convictions courtesy of the Yorkshire Evening Post shows just what kind of a sick bastard he was, and why he should have been serving a life sentence already, or better yet have been put down.

    By trade a steel fixer, Clark had been jailed in 1988 after he attacked a man in a pub in the Lincoln area, smashing him with a broken pint glass and leaving injuries that required 37 stitches.

    In 1991 he was jailed at Grimsby for seven years for repeatedly raping a woman he had picked up in a nightclub.

    He also received a five-year jail sentence in 1999 for attacking and sexually assaulting a woman at lodgings they both lived in, in Grimsby. He forced the woman upstairs before assaulting her in front of her young son.

    Clark had been jailed in March 2004 for two offences of assault against women: he had originally been charged with attempted rape. He was released in May 2005 on parole but was recalled to prison eight days alter after being found naked, under the influence of glue in a public place near his home town.

    Clark, who had a long history of solvent abuse dating back almost 20 years, was then released from prison in February 2006 – but was again recalled to jail for failing to comply with the conditions of his parole.

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