Old Mugabe

It’s good to see that Robert Mugabe hasn’t changed since the last election, he’s still behaving like a spoilt child. He’s well and truly picked up his ball and gone home.

mugabe Three weeks after the elections, he still hasn’t released the results. He knows he lost, he knows that the world knows that he lost, but he really doesn’t care. I am sure that his minions are frantically working to put those 3 million spare ballot papers to good use.

Did anyone really expect any less from Mugabe?

The most disappointing thing in all this is that South African President Thabo Mbeki has refused to criticise Mugabe. Disappointing but of course not surprising. Mbeki is of the belief that AIDS is actually part of some White Western plot to subjugate the blacks. He also blames all of the ills of black people on colonialism. He also accuses anyone who criticises him of being a white racist and believes that they are opposed to black rule. In case you are becoming confused, yes I am still talking about Mbeki, but the phrase ‘two peas in a pod’ certainly springs to mind.

I think that Mbeki is probably the only person on the African continent that believes Mugabe’s “it’s a Western conspiracy, they are all out to get me, especially the British…” speeches.

One of the best interpretations of Mugabe has to be the video below from ITV’s Headcases. I was a big fan of Spitting Image, so was looking forward to this programme. I wasn’t greatly impressed although I thought Mugabe was brilliant.

Africa is famous for its civil wars and corrupt leaders, a surprising statistic is that many of Africa’s 53 nations are run by millionaires, 12 of them by billionaires! The fact that they seem reluctant to criticise each other only reinforces this elite club. At least Zambia made a stand on the issue.

The longer these leaders are allowed to blame colonialism, oppression and white racists for African being poor, hungry and under developed, the longer ordinary African will suffer as they steal the wealth from their own countrymen.

“How can someone say the independence has not been good? Do you think I could have 20 Mercedes, 500,000 acres of farmland, and a palace under British rule? Mr Blair lives in a crowded little apartment on some little side street. That is not for me.”
– Robert Mugabe

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