Harriet ‘Danger’ Harman visits plebes

I have always been of the impression that the reason crime and particularly violent crime is so rife on the streets of Britain is because MPs and the Government are blissfully unaware of it. In their nice houses, nice estates and surrounded by armed guards, they just don’t seem to understand what all the fuss is about. Seems that I may have been wrong. Harriet Harman is well aware of the dangers of walking Britain’s streets.

BBC News | Harman defends wearing stab vest

Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman has defended her decision to wear a stab proof jacket during a police walkabout in her south London constituency.

harman The sad part is, this was during a walkabout of her own constituency! What an insult to the people that voted for her.

It’s a shame that she doesn’t offer stab vest and several police officers to all of her constituents, clearly they are required.

Naturally Harman has denied that she wore the vest because she was in fear for her life. Stating:

“…it was like donning a hard hat on a building site. [Or] wearing a white hairnet when visiting a meat factory.”

The reason that both of those items are worn is safety and protection. A white hairnet is required to protect the food from the wearer and a hard hat is worn to protect the wearer in a dangerous environment, similar to say, a stab vest!

mccainstroll.320.240 It reminds of the time John McCain visited Iraq and went for a walkabout of a Baghdad market. He claimed that Iraq was much safer than people realised, saying that he could walk about freely. Of course he was actually walking freely whilst being protected by 100 US troops, three Blackhawk helicopters and two Apache gunships.

I presume that Harriet Harman will make similar claims. Probably that her constituency is safe for anyone to move about in, and much safer since Labour came to power.

As if the people of Peckham are that stupid, not only do they see how dangerous the streets are everyday, but they’ll now also see that their MP dare not even walk around them without a stab vest and heavy police escort.


Harman takes no chances on Britain’s streets

This of course comes on the back of Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith saying when asked whether she’d walk the streets of Hackney:

“Well, no, but I don’t think I’d ever have done. I just don’t think that’s a thing that people do, is it, really?”

No of course not. We all have flunkeys to send out for things and on those rare occasions where our presence is required, we all have minders and police protection officers don’t we? The fact is, us ‘normal people’ have to go out alone on the streets, male or female. Because that is where we work, shop and live.

Harman, the daughter of a famous Harley street doctor and Oxford educated Smith have no real concept of what real life is, crime is something that happens to poor people, who no doubt deserve it anyway.

Yet we let these idiots make decisions that affect our lives and well being.

A police source stated:

“Everyone is flabbergasted by her decision to wear the vest, especially when she was guarded by three police officers. Senior politicians who have visited Peckham in the past have never worn one.”

The best comments come from her constituents, soon to be ex-constituents.

“The only time we see Harriet Harman is either on voting day or during some PR stunt. There is a lot of trouble on the estates but we don’t get given stab vests. There were two stabbings nearby earlier today, and I’d rather see her spending time sorting the crime problem out than posing in such a ridiculous outfit.”

This wasn’t some secret snap shot or even press photograph. So far removed from the people are MPs like Harman, that she actually had the picture taken herself, put it on her website and bragged about being on the beat with Met officers, believing it to be a good idea, clearly seeing nothing wrong whatsoever in her actions. Her pathetic attempts to compare it with wearing a hard hat on a building site, a hairnet around food and even a football kit, show just how aloof and out of touch she is. Sadly she is typical of the vast majority of our ruling elite.

It seems that after dismantling the old aristocracy, our politicians have set about creating a new one, with themselves at the head.

3 responses to “Harriet ‘Danger’ Harman visits plebes

  1. I hate this woman and Jacqui Smith more than any other labour politicians. I’ve always been a fan of woman in politics but looking back at Thatcher and looking at what these two idiots are doing to our country I think we may have made a big mistake.

  2. I think there is a wide gulf between someone like Thatcher, who rose to the top not because she was a woman, or to meet quotas but because she was good at what she did. She managed to reach the top in spite of the opposition from the men.

    Sadly people like Harman and Jacqui Smith are feminist men haters, that are only there to push women’s views and fulfil quotas.

  3. when you see a gun in England you know things are getting serious…

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