White working class boys – worst in school

It seems that I was wrong about education in Britain. The biggest losers in our current education system are not black males, but white working class males.

Daily Mail | White working-class boys ‘consigned to educational scrapheap by Labour and liberal establishment

White working-class boys are being consigned to the educational scrapheap because politically-correct ministers and officials are ignoring their poor performance, members of the ATL claimed yesterday.

I was actually quite surprised by this, I had no idea, but then again that is clearly the intention of the Government. There’s no brownie points for helping out this group.


Figures showed recently that only 15 per cent of white boys qualifying for free school meals leave school having mastered the three Rs. For black boys from similar backgrounds, the figure is 22 per cent while for Asians it is 29 per cent and Chinese 52 per cent.

As Mr Puckrin says, this is ignored for fear of playing into the hands of the likes of the BNP, which is precisely what ignoring it does.

“Liberal-minded people and the media ceased to highlight the particular problems of this group for fear of lending weight to the arguments of the National Front and BNP. This is a self-defeating position to my mind.”

There are stories in the press frequently about how children from certain ethnic groups are given priority for certain lesson or extra curricular activities, and how students with English as a second language are given more money.

These children and their families are going to feel neglected and ignored and who are they going to turn to to put things right? Far right movements.

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