Browne tries to silence critics

I mentioned before that the coroners investigating the deaths of British soldiers keep pointing the finger at the Government and the MoD. Well, they’ve decided enough is enough! No, they aren’t going to sort out the myriad problems once and for all. They are just going to stop coroners from blaming the Government!

Daily Mail | Minister’s bid to silence coroner

The father of a soldier killed in Afghanistan attacked the Government yesterday for trying to stop coroners criticising the Ministry of Defence.

Lawyers acting for Defence Secretary Des Browne are asking the High Court to stop inquests from appearing to apportion blame.

des_browne_part-time Or at least apportion blame in their direction. A shocking move by a Government that really has done all it can to devastate the once proud British army, and then cover it up and maintain that everything is hunky dory.

This is just another example of the changing face of British politics. There was a time when politicians would take the rough with the smooth, but no longer. In the information age, they appear to be doing anything and everything they can to deny the public information on their performance and put themselves beyond reproach.

The recent business of trying to make sure that the Freedom of Information Act does not apply to MPs is one example, trying to keep secret their ludicrous expenses and increase their salaries is another.

They claim to be public servants, yet do not believe that Joe Public should be able to hold them accountable for their mistakes or inability.


Des Browne, another Scot and part Secretary for Defence, is of the opinion that no one should be able to question him, or his failings. After all this isn’t the first time that Browne has cocked things up, he was almost forced to resign over the Iranian hostages debacle and refused to apologise. He’s clearly of the belief that he need answer to no one and we’re letting these idiots get away with it.

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