Whites are racist – Must improve

Another report on ‘multicultural Britain’ and another one that says that white people aren’t doing enough to help others integrate into British society, largely due to racism.

Daily Mail | Whites ‘must do more to help Muslims feel at home’ says research group

“Muslim immigrants face so much discrimination and hostility that they don’t feel they belong here, according to a liberal research group. As part of efforts to improve integration, it called for an improvement in public behaviour towards Muslims.”

Bollocks. Even their own report contradicts what they are calling for:

“Fewer than 50 per cent of minority members interviewed had experienced race prejudice and just 30 per cent of recent Muslim immigrants had experienced religious discrimination.”

So despite the fact that very few were experiencing prejudice, this bunch of liberal bed wetters thought that they needed to highlight the issue once again. Forgive me for being optimistic but surely if very few had received any form of religious discrimination, that’s a good thing?

This is just another excuse to bash white people, and as their own report shows, it is without foundation. 90% of the people in the UK are white, 97% are non Muslim, you do not need to be a mathematician to see that the minority are the ones that integrate into the wider society, not the other way around.

I am sure that much of the feelings of alienation and distance felt by Muslims, is caused by the fact that many Muslims have little to do with other races and cultures, preferring to stick to their ‘residential clusters.’

Residential clusters are seen by anyone with even a modicum of common sense as having a negative effect on social cohesion, but surprise, surprise this liberal think tank describes them as beneficial! Of course they are, to the Muslims within the enclaves, not to wider society.


It’s actually quite ironic, we welcome these different cultures and religions into Britain in order to promote harmony, religious tolerance, break down barriers, combat xenophobia and to create a rich and diverse British culture. Then they arrive, create these ‘residential clusters’ and refuse to associate with other races and religions.

The average white person is then made to feel guilty for not bending over backwards far enough to accommodate the immigrants.

A grown up think tank summed it up nicely:

“Rival think tank Civitas said it was “tendentious” of researchers to emphasise discrimination when a majority said they had experienced none.”

Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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