Maddie – The novel

Paulo_228x342 If ever there were any doubts as to the ineffectiveness of the Portuguese police, former officer Paulo Cristovao proves it.

After writing a book about a botched investigation he worked on, Star Of Joana, he has now penned another book, brilliantly entitled, Star Of Madeleine. This former detective even lacked enough imagination for a new title.

I am sure that it didn’t take him long to pen his latest work of genius, they are after all, pretty much the same story.

Little Joana Cipriano disappeared in 2004, just seven miles away from where Madeleine McCann disappeared. Experts have stated that it is virtually impossible for two children to be snatched in such a small proximity of each other in such a short space of time and the cases not be related. Yet according to the Portuguese police, it is just coincidence.

As in the case of Maddie the Portuguese Police arrived promptly, and promptly destroyed the crime scene. Again like with the Madeleine McCann investigation, the clueless detectives quickly turned their attention to the parents, focusing on the mother. They pulled Joana’s mother in for questioning and after 48 of intensive interviewing, she confessed; a confession which she retracted the next day.

When she emerged from her interview she had extensive bruising to her face and body, according to Portuguese Police, this was because she had thrown herself down the stairs. I am guessing that they thought it perhaps too obvious to use the same trick with Kate McCann.

Four police officers including Paulo Cristovao have been charged over the torture of Joana’s mother and Cristovao has been booted off the force.

The Sherlock Holmes of Portugal, Goncalo Amaral headed both enquiries, neither girl was ever found, nor was any trace of them.

Paulo Cristovao was never on the Madeleine McCann case, presumably he was too busy with his literary career, yet after such success fitting up the mother in the Cipriano case he must have thought himself an expert.

Joana’s mother was convicted of her murder, along with her Joana’s uncle. The motive offered by the Portuguese Police….incest. Apparently the eight year old girl had stumbled across her mother and uncle having incestuous sex, and so they killed her. A motive surely taken out of a folk tale from the middle ages.

It seems that the only hope of ever getting to the bottom of what happened to Madeleine McCann was lost the minute the Portuguese Police began their investigation.


4 responses to “Maddie – The novel

  1. Yeah….the whole “Portuguese against British” and “let’s bash the Portuguese” is getting a little old. Investigations are occasionally botched all over the world—-not just in Portugal. There are cold and unsolved cases (Nurin Jazlin, Malaysia) and contaminated crime scenes and blamed parents (JonBenet Ramsey, U.S.A.), everywhere.

  2. Thanks for comment. Portuguese bashing was never my intention but PJ bashing is. Perhaps if they’d been more accountable after Joana Cipriano then they’d have been more inclined to learn lessons. Instead they went about the McCann investigation in precisely the same way.

    I’d also feel a little better if they admitted the first investigation was botched and start afresh with a fresh team and approach, instead of clinging to the biased and useless investigation to save face.

    It also is not just one error, but a series. Witnesses have not been interviewed, still. No suspects have been identified, no photo fits released, leads that still have yet to be followed up… the list goes on. The only real progress in the case has all been made by a private detective agency hired by the McCanns.

    At the end of the say a little girl is still missing, she may not be dead as the recent case in Austria has shown.

  3. Thank you for that bitingly brilliant article. I truly am beginning to think that Amaral and co. orchestrated the abduction of Madeleine McCann. I think they so adored the limelight from the Cipriani case that they engineered a repeat – this time of a beautiful caucasion girl – one who would garner them even more attention. I suspect this because both Amaral and Cristovoa are now retired detectives doing quite well on the profits on their books on these cases. What a difference a few years and a couple abductions make! Seems they saw the potential after the Cipriani case, book writing & notoriety, and Voila! another little girl goes missing – a little beautiful four year old left alone in her hotel room. Why didn’t I see this sooner?

    • I don’t think that anyone is suggesting that the Portuguese were behind the kidnappings. But they most certainly attempted to hide their own failings during the investigations, and their failings were myriad.

      I suspect this because both Amaral and Cristovoa are now retired detectives doing quite well on the profits on their books on these cases.

      Yes they are, and I find that sickening. Thanks to these two men and their team of inepts, we will never discover what happened to these two girls and worse, their abductor/abuser/killer is still at large because of their incompetence.

      Actually, now I think about it. Two disappearances in the same area would certainly imply that the person responsible lived in the area; perhaps Amaral and/or Cristovoa were more than just incompetent, maybe they were wilfully incompetent to cover their own sick tendencies? As I said though, we’ll never know.

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