Murder victim’s mother faces deportation

Another twist in this quite bizarre tale. Initially the Indian authorities said that Scarlett drowned, despite her mother being adamant that she was raped and murdered. She’s also accused them of trying to cover up what happened, as has an Indian minister. Now this.

Telegraph | Scarlett Keeling’s mother faces India ban

“The mother of British teenager Scarlett Keeling will be thrown out of India and banned from returning, it has emerged. Goan authorities do not want Fiona MacKeown, who was on a six-month holiday in Goa with eight of her nine children when 15-year-old Miss Keeling was raped and murdered, to have her visa extended.”

They appear to have done everything that they can to thwart Fiona MacKeown from getting justice for her daughter and failing that, they are now booting her out of the country.

To be honest I am not really sure why she’d want to stay anyway or even return other than for the trial, that said there is no reason why she should be banned.

Admittedly questions have to be asked about her parenting skills, even though you’d think she’d had enough practice having nine children. Her 15 year old daughter was experimenting with drugs, drink and sex and either she didn’t know, or didn’t care enough.

She also left her daughter with locals – the family of a man that was sleeping with her – whilst travelling around India with the rest of her brood. For me that is negligence but that is no excuse to cover up a much larger crime.

Scarlett Keeling was battered to death, now unless the sea in India has knuckles, that was clearly murder. So did it take two autopsies to discover this?

Another surprising aspect of this story is how Michael Mannion apparently saw Scarlett being attacked, yet did nothing other than leg it. He said:

“I did not have the strength to physically confront them, I got on my scooter and drove away.”

Regular hero then. Maybe its just me but if I saw a girl that I knew to be intoxicated and just 15 years old, in distress, I would intervene.

He then apparently spent several days travelling around India, in fear for his life. When asked how he felt when he discovered that Scarlett has been killed he said:

“Initially I said nothing, I did nothing. Then two of the people working in the shack were called in for questioning. I was told then by another local to stay away and not to say anything.”

I notice there’s no guilt in there, remorse, wishing he’d acted? Clearly Mr Mannion is a peculiar fellow. Either that or there is far more to this story than we are getting at the moment.

Main suspect Samson D’Souza:


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