Iranian Elections

After the ‘elections’ in Russia we now have a further lesson in democracy from yet another country that seems to employ the Stalinist version of democracy.

“Many reformist supporters boycotted the polls, complaining that their candidates had been barred from standing, about 90 per cent of reformist candidates were banned from contesting the election,”

If you don’t like what the other side have to say and more to the point don’t want to take the chance of them actually winning the election, simply ban them, it makes perfect sense.

Although 90% is an odd number, why not go the whole hog and make it a round 100% and remove all doubt?

Giving the voters little or no choice works well enough until the voter turnouts are announced. Back in the days when Iranians could vote for who they wanted to, and it was usually reformists, voting turnouts were around 80%. Despite what the ruling elite of Iran may think, Iranians aren’t stupid. Voting turnout is believed to less than it was in 2004, around 50%. That is going to make them look a little silly.


After all what is the point in voting if your candidate hasn’t been allowed to stand?

Of course the blogs that support Ahmadinejad don’t seem to mention this, spouting statistics worthy of an Iranian propaganda minister they claim ‘high’ or even ‘record’ turnouts. Some even go as far as saying the elections are ‘as free and fair as any,’ I presume by that they mean any in Iran. The fact that Iran is the only ‘democratic’ nation in the Middle East is meaningless, when the voters don’t have a choice of who to vote for.

The other point to remember about Iranian elections, is that no matter who is elected, it is the unelected Supreme Leader that holds all the power.

This ridiculous charade fools no one, not even the truth starved Iranians.


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