Hate Crime

There is an ugly side to multiculturalism, a side that the politicians don’t want you to see or hear about it, but the elephant in the room is getting too big for even for the masters of spin to explain away.

BBC News | Priest hurt in faith-hate attack

“A priest has been attacked in the grounds of his church, in what police described as a ‘faith-hate’ crime. Canon Michael Ainsworth, 57, was injured by two Asian youths at the church, in Tower Hamlets, east London.”

Canon Michael AinsworthThis is what happens when we no longer teach the values that made Britain great, instead which teach tolerance, tolerance and above all, tolerance. But not that it should be reciprocated.

Some people don’t believe that there are no go areas in the UK for whites, they don’t believe that the tolerance, understanding and respect that Britons give out is not always returned. Instead we hear that such incidents are rare, perpetrated by a minority and that the real problem is institutional racism within the police force, the BBC and television industry, the justice system and so forth. That racism is systemic within the white community. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The BBC has recently had a ‘White Season’, claiming to look at issues confronting the white working class majority. Instead it portrayed them as lazy, racist yobs unable deal with modern multicultural Britain, when again nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is that racist attacks by white people on non whites are quite rare, this despite Britain being 90% white. There are twice as many racially motivated attacks against whites than by them.

“In 2005 there were approx 300,000 racist attacks on white people, compared to 140,000 attacks on non whites.”

A shocking statistic by anyone’s reckoning and it is increasing year on year.

“From 1999-2002 there were 25 racist homicides in the UK, of those murdered 8 were Asian, 6 white, 6 black and 4 others. From 2002-2005 there were 23 racist homicides, of the victims 16 were white, 4 Asian, 2 others and one black.”

That is an incredible threefold increase in racist murders against whites in as many years.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that these numbers do not, or surely cannot add up. With approximately 56 million people in Britain being classed as white, that leaves just 7 million as non white. These seven million are accounting for 300,000 racist attacks a year, compared to 150,000 by 56 million. Something is very wrong here and it of course begs the questions, who has the problem with systemic racism? Who is struggling with multiculturalism?

As I said this trend has been covered up for years, the government no longer publishes a breakdown of racially motivated assaults by victim, presumably to gloss over the above information. They have to, after all their vision of a multicultural Britain has failed, but they still cling to the belief that this is the way to go, despite all the evidence from within both the white community and the ethnic minority communities.

The divisive way that successive governments have handled immigration and multicultural Britain has led to this problem and eroded what it means to be British. And it is going to be an uphill struggle to get back on an even keel.

Letting immigrants know that they don’t have to learn English, that the British will translate everything for them, that they don’t have to adopt British culture, Britain will work around their own culture, has sent out the wrong message and it takes away any respect that they had for Britain. This has continued even though successive surveys have reported that immigrants believe that they should learn English and adopt British culture, moreover they want to.

This embracing of other cultures whilst stifling our own has led to anger and resentment amongst the white community and animosity amongst certain sections of ethnic minorities. Those that feel that the government isn’t doing enough for them, will turn to people like the BNP. The BNP have never been so popular as they are today, and that is a sad testament to just how much of the British identity and its values we have lost.

As the old saying goes, you can’t please all of the people all of the time, so in Britain we should attempt to please the majority of people the majority of the time. Not doing so is going to lead to trouble, for everyone.

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