Hammer Maniac gets 38 years = £1.1 Million bill

BBC News | Man convicted of hammer murders

A man has been given three life sentences for battering to death his former girlfriend and her two children with a hammer at the family’s home.

Another week, another set of murderers given leniency and allowed to be a further burden on the tax payer and society; another example of why we need the death penalty.

Pierre Williams - BBCPierre Williams may have murdered Kesha, Beverly and Fred Wizzart, but what many that oppose the death penalty fail to realise, is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. People like Williams build up to killing, destroying many lives in the process.

Police suspect that Pierre Williams has murdered before, but will probably never face justice for it if he has. He has certainly raped before. He kept an ex girlfriend as a sex slave when she broke up with him, repeatedly raping her during sick bondage sessions.

This stain on humanity also has convictions for robbery, assault, car theft, and many more. The full extent of his crimes and victims will probably never be known. You see, you don’t just hang these people for the last crimes that they committed, this is just the culmination of their criminal activity. People like Williams can’t be rehabilitated, therefore we should strive to protect society from him and his ilk, not lock him away for a spell hoping that when he gets out he’ll be magically transformed into a decent member of society.

Williams has shown no remorse for what he did, in fact he probably thinks that he hasn’t really done anything wrong – just like Karl Taylor. He even had the cheek to scream ‘I’m innocent’ after hearing the verdict.

He may have killed three or more people, but who knows how many people have had their lives irrevocably altered due to this man’s evil nature. Probably hundreds. Most muggers, even the violent ones, are never caught.

Perhaps if someone somewhere had the power to make a decision several years ago that this man was beyond helping, then an innocent family would still be alive today.


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