Bodies pile up in Gaza

More problems in the Middle East and no I am not referring to the worrying lovey dovey relationship that seems to be blossoming between Ahmadinejad and Talabani, but the stepping up of attacks on Gaza by Israel.

Talabani and Ahmadinejad hold hands

After taking out five top Hama militants Israel must have expected some form of retaliation, and Hamas once again took the cowards way and needlessly targeted civilians and fired over 140 rockets at Israeli cities. These indiscriminate rocket attacks are inexcusable and play right into the hands of the Israelis.

“In Ramallah, on the West Bank, about 300 Palestinians from the main political factions marched through the streets, carrying pictures of children killed by the Israeli attacks.”

This of course would be quite an emotive scene, were it not for the fact that Hamas have been firing rockets at civilian locations and would no doubt be ecstatic had they hit a school or killed some children. There can be little sympathy for the Palestinians when they are just as indiscriminate and cold blooded in their killings as the Israelis.

What did they expect the Israelis to do? Wait for dead bodies to start to pile up?

Abbas has asked for international protection for the Palestinian people and said:

“It is unthinkable that Israel’s reaction to Palestinian rocket attacks, which we condemn, can be so terrible and frightening.”

I am sure that the Israelis consider the rocket attacks to be quite frightening too, after all they aren’t bombarding the Israelis with toffee apples. Abbas and Hamas have made their own beds, they denounce the rocket attacks, yet will not or cannot stop them.

Now they have 2000 trigger happy IDF soldiers in Gaza eager for payback and at the end of the day the Israelis have far more firepower and far better media control than the likes of Hamas.

No one can blame Israel for responding the way they have, in fact you’d be forgiven for viewing it as tolerant, and that is the sad part. The Palestinians do have a genuine grievance. They have been displaced, dispossessed and are treated as less than second class citizens within their own lands. Yet the actions of Hamas recently, and the Hamas/Fatah violence of a year ago, show that perhaps the Israelis have it right in the way that they treat the Palestinians.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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