The Extremist’s Facade

another6How long are we going to ride our luck in Britain, relying on the ineptitude of the people that want to kill us and destroy our way of life for security?

Yet another group of Muslims
, yet another plot that was foiled in the nick of time.

These men were a joke, but their aims were not.

Khan, from Alum Rock, Birmingham has already pleaded guilty to plotting the kidnap and execution of a soldier, which he planned to film and release for propaganda purposes, although there was no suggestion that Iqbal knew of the plot.

Iqbal lived near where I used to live, in fact I may have passed him several times when he was on his way to the mosque formerly known as the President Saddam Hussein Mosque. Lovely area Perry Bar, unless you’re white. My time there was, educational, to say the least and if I never set foot there again, it will be too soon.

President Saddam Hussein Mosque - Perry Bar


Should Iqbal be released I am sure that his first port of call is going to be Maplin:

Among the items Iqbal found at Khan’s house was a bug detector from the electrical store Maplins, used to find listening devices, although it did not pick up the one planted by MI5.

Ha! What a cock! Can you imagine the exchange with the sales assistant when he takes his bug finding device back!

Among those who appeared in Iqbal’s defence was Anne Cole, the head teacher at Saltley Secondary School, where Iqbal worked, who described him as “one of the most moderate Muslims that I have met.”

Which just shows the kind of double life these people are living, a façade for the goray, and the real thing for their friends and family. Us goray, a word heard quite frequently when walking around Perry Bar, are treated like the ignorant fools we are and it is time we woke up to the reality. Many of these people smile to our faces, yet despise us with a passion, and there seems to be no inclination within the Muslim community to weed out these extremists.

We shouldn’t be concerning ourselves with why these people wish to fight a jihad, it is irrelevant, what is clear is their yearning to strike back at the country they claim to have made their home and their willingness to use any excuse to do that. The fact that they were going to choose a Muslim soldier demonstrates this perfectly, it is forbidden in Islam to kill another Muslim, yet they were prepared to do so for their ‘brothers’ in Afghanistan or Iraq, even though they are far more likely to have more in common with the soldier than their brothers in arms.

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