The plot thickens

Yesterday I was pointing out that Stefania Harris seems to be an odd white Catholic woman, lambasting the protestant church, whilst applauding Islam, in any form. She seemed oddly quiet about her views on Catholicism, yet today she made those views clear:

I think there is a good case to be made that shariah law has over the centuries bee[n] a damn sight more humane that Christian law.

What? Clearly she believes that beheading and cutting of a man’s hands so that he can no longer work is humane? Stoning adulterous women also humane? What about slavery? Outlawed in Western/Christian Europe in the 18th Century, continued in the Muslim world up until the end of the 20th (Oman only abolished slavery in 1970!) Slavery is clearly allowed in Sharia law, Mohammed himself kept slaves.

Hardly the kind of response that you’d expect from a good catholic girl right? That the Muslims have had the right idea for the past few centuries! The Christians who came under their yolk certainly would not agree, especially the Byzantines.


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