Dozy mare convicted

BBC News | Text driver faces jail over death

A motorist who was texting on her mobile phone when she hit and killed a cyclist has been convicted of causing death by dangerous driving.

Good. It is absolutely disgraceful that the dozy cow caused the death of a poor young man simply because she was too busy texting her friend asking her what she’d be wearing that night. Cyclists have enough to put up with, without drivers now have the distraction of using their mobiles phones as well.

As any cyclist will tell you it is a pretty dangerous game riding a bike to work. You’re pretty much invisible to most drivers when you’re on a bike, more so if they aren’t even paying attention to what is going on in front of them. I have been knocked off my bike countless times by drivers who weren’t paying attention and I have also had a few near misses that could have cost me dearly. The unfortunate Jordan Wickington was probably running the usual gauntlet of careless drivers, same as everyday, when Kiera Coultas’ car ploughed into him.

It annoys me to see drivers, despite the recent change in the law, still using their mobile phones whilst driving. But texting is just taking the piss.

It was reassuring to hear that Kiera Coultas was sentenced for four years for this. Although four years isn’t much in exchange for the life of a 19 year old, nor will it deter others from texting whilst driving.

5 responses to “Dozy mare convicted

  1. The unfortunate Jordan Wickington was actually jumping a red light at the time of the accident.

    That’s probably the main reason Kiera Coultas’ car ploughed into him.

  2. I agree, Coultas was totally in the wrong and should not have been texting, however its really beginning to irritate me how everyone is immediately jumping on the condemnation bandwagon, conveniently ignoring the fact that the cyclist (like dozens of others I see encounter every day) jumped a red light.
    Cyclists are always going on about how car drivers are dangerous, show them no consideration etc, and obviously this is a concern, but its totally hypocritical that they think its acceptable to flout the rules of the road whenever it suits them. By all means awareness of bikes on the road should be raised for safety sake, but conversely, cyclists should be required to have insurance, and a numberplate on their bike, just like every other road user. They want full use of the road, fine, but they should be held accoubtable for their actions, just like car drivers, something which seems to be glossed over when people mention this particular case.

    Its tragic at the end of the day, a man has lost his life, and a child will be without it’s mother for four years, no winners here.

  3. Hmm Dumb Cyclist wins Darwin award ?
    It is quite dangerous to ignore red lights and cyclists are not invulnerable. She shouldn’t have texted but he should have stopped.

    By the way if I hit a cyclist who has no lights at night Am I a dozy mare to?

  4. Thank you for the comment Michael, what does it mean he jumped a red light? Did he move onto the pavement at a junction and then rejoin traffic after the lights? If so hardly an illegal or even dangerous manoeuvre. Obviously if he sped through a red light, still on the road, well then that is asking for trouble but hardly the kind of thing that a cyclist would do, unless they have a death wish, lacking as they are any form of protection from impact.

    Talkietoaster – As for having insurance and number plates etc. I don’t think that you can put bicycles in the same category as motorcycles or cars, after all few people are killed or injured being hit by bicycles. I think that cyclists get unfairly treated, they after all have every right to their tiny portion of the road, are less of a danger to other traffic and pedestrians and of course are better for the environment and the NHS.

    Milton Keynes has the best answer, keep cyclists off the roads and give them their own cycle paths. Problem solved.

  5. Fred said:

    “By the way if I hit a cyclist who has no lights at night Am I a dozy mare to?”

    If you hit a child, an elderly man, a beloved family pet or anything else because you were too busy texting or otherwise using your mobile phone, then yes you would be a dozy mare.

    Prioritising unimportant parts of your life above the lives and welfare of others is asking for trouble.

    Again I have to ask, what does it mean by running a red light?

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