Our brotherhood grows

After discovering that I am not the only person on Stefania Harris’ not wanted list, I decided to do a bit of digging to find my comrades. A search for the legendary Gareth proved fruitless, without a second name there were just too many results. Ewan Rose proved a little easier though. A quick Google search on her site found him. For some reason his name linked to the myspace.com main page, assuming that he had a profile there I simply searched for it. Just two results.

It wasn’t till I checked the second one’s profile page that I realised I had found him and what a surprise, he was banned too!

It seems that Steph over at http://stephiblog.wordpress.com/ has banned me from posting on her site. She had the audacity to call me a facist for saying that her free speech should be curtailed, and then removes mine! I really cannot abide hypocrisy.

Classic! There’s loads more, this guy is even more pissed off with her than I am!

She seems to go balistic at anyone who disagrees with her and instantly resorts to name calling (facist, neo nazi, racist, BNP supporter, Islamaphobe, Stupid) when anyone take a position contrary to her own. She stiffles debate and criticism, edits the comments of people that disagree with her (so much for freedom of speech, eh?) and then bans people who aren’t instantly swayed by her constantly posting her opinion or the same inaccurate information.

Spot on, she’s a complete hypocrite. This bit was interesting though.

Finally for anyone who wants to take a look, here is Stefania Harris’ first attempt at a blog:-


As you can see though, there she is a brunette and not a blonde but she’s still a lawyer (even though it is solictor and barrister in the UK – Too many US movies?), she is still of Italian descent, still hates the McCann’s, still an anarchist anti-imperialist etc, still called Steph and still going on about a revolution. One difference though, her brother on that blog is called ‘Bob’ as appose to ‘Rob’ on her new blog. The profile pictures of Rob and Bob are also very similar, a wrestler and a toy wrestler. She even forbides on her comment policy:-

Addressing someone as “Rob”, when their name is actually “Bob”,

I did point out these similarities, but oddly she deleted that comment.

Hmm, coincidence? I think not, it seems that Steph has another blog with another persona! To be honest a better looking one, but there may be a reason for that.

Oh and as a final note, that picture of her (blonde one) is from an Adult Friend Finder site, as is the picture of her friend Amie. Not that I frequent such sites of course! It seems that pop-ups can be informative.

Oh dear! It seems that she has posted a picture of an attractive woman to make herself more appealing, I have managed to track down a photo of the REAL Stefania Harris though and I unmask her here for all to see!

I can see why she didn’t use that one.

I think that I also know why she stopped using that first blog site, this is a comment from someone who called themselves “stefaniaisanasshole“:

Stefania Harris and her goofy stooge of a brother Rob are assholes.

Perhaps she realised then that she needed a blog with more control, where she could ban people for saying things like that.

Well it is great to see that I am not the only person blogging about Steph, better yet it gives me something else to read and have a laugh at!


4 responses to “Our brotherhood grows

  1. She is such a hypocrite. Her blog sucks!

  2. Thanks for the comment. It wouldn’t be so bad if some of the stuff that she posts about wasn’t so offensive and blatantly wrong.

  3. Now Rob and Stefi are experts in Physical Fitness and Combat arts, and they attack you personaly if you disagree. That real photo of stefi tells the whole fitness story! Suposedly Rob has a wife amica that posts (and is stefi) and stephi has a sister and the sisters husband danny posts there. They continue to be anti mixed race relationship and Pro-Muslim. rezbi a Muslim is a regular that they kiss up to, here is his stuff http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/rezbi/tag/imperialism/

    stephi edit’s people’s posts deleting what she/he wants and deletes posts.

    • Wow, what happened to that website? Just looked and tried searching for Ahmadinejad or Madeleine McCann and some of the other stuff that used to be posted there and it’s gone, they’ve deleted all the posts but the fighting ones! It’s weird how a fully qualified lawyer (who claimed to be working in the UK but didn’t know that she had to be registered at either the Law Society or Bar Council to do so!) and kidnap expert, is now such an expert in martial arts and weapons. Very strange.

      I don’t know why he/she have a blog when they don’t want any form of discussion, other than to push their twisted propaganda, which they seem to have now removed.

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