Mixed race relationships thrive in the UK – Contrary to the opinions of some

This post is from Ignatius Sancho – he repeatedly tried to post this information on Steph’s blog but was abused, gagged and then ridiculed.

Firstly I’d like to thank Charlie for giving me this platform from which to rebut the assertions made by Stefania Harris, over at Steph’s Blog. I was drawn to her site as it appeared to discuss a very pertinent subject – is America ready for a black President, or indeed a woman President? However I found the post itself to be impertinent.

Steph veered off on a bizarre tangent about interracial relationships and marriages, my eyebrow was first raised at this remark:

According to a Gallup Poll on interracial dating in June 2005, 71% of respondents approve of black men dating a white woman, which at first seems progressive, but the same survey also suggested that 34% of white American women claimed to have dated a black man. Forget the fact that this survey was only based on the answers of 1,116 respondents, this is obviously untrue – it’s statistically bullshit!

Untrue? Statistical bullshit? I am not sure how she is able to arrive at such a conclusion from that, it seems quite clear to me, according to the survey 34% of white women have dated a black man in the US. Sounds about right.

However she did not stop there, I began to get the impression that Steph did not approve of interracial relationships, and sadly I was later proved correct. She goes on to claim that marriage figures give a more accurate idea of how many white women date black men, quite sweet really, did she think all white women, meet, fall in love and then marry their one and only boyfriend? She continued her bizarre rant:

In England and Wales, only 1% of all married women have inter-ethnic marriages (less than the number of women who describe themselves as Lesbians) and less than 1 in 1000 married white women is married to a black man.

Firstly, black people only account for 2% of the UK population, that means that whatever percentages we are going to be dealing in they are going to be low. About 3.5% of people in the UK are lesbian women. That means that there are more lesbians in the UK than black people, so her silly remark doesn’t actually make any sense, in fact you could call it “statistically bullshit!”

Marriage isn’t the best indicator of interracial relationships, or any relationships for that matter, as fewer and fewer people are getting married in Britain today. Just as the 2001 census shows once again. So looking at the marriages stats isn’t the best way of determining interracial relationships, particularly for black men.

According to the 2001 census (again!), 50% of black men aged 16 or over were unmarried at the time of the census, 50%! Anyone who knows anything about the black community won’t find that surprising, but it clearly shows that one cannot use marriage stats alone when it comes to the relationships of black men.

So how does one find out just how many black men are in mixed race relationships?

There is plenty of evidence of this, one only has to look. If you live in an area that has black people you will have probably noticed it every day whilst riding the bus, shopping in town or out drinking with friends. You are just as likely in the UK today to see a black man with a white woman than with a black woman. I really cannot understand why Steph hasn’t seen it for herself, where does she live? According to recent statistics 50% of black men have a white partner. That’s right, 50%, half, one in two, i.e. for every pair of black men you see, statistically speaking one of them is in a mixed race relationship! It really cannot be any clearer than that. So her statement:

Fact: interracial relationships are extremely rare.

Is clearly absolute rubbish, black men dating white women is pretty much the norm. Either she has purposely twisted the figures or was confused because of the low percentages. Either reason doesn’t look good for a woman of reputed intelligence.

But it was Stefania Harris’ next remark that really surprised me, this sounded more like it came from some kind of BNP propaganda:

The number of mixed race children proves that very few white women conceive to black men.

It does nothing of the sort, in fact it proves categorically that mixed race relationships are thriving. As I said originally before she altered my comment on her website:

That is woefully inaccurate, in many areas of the UK, mixed race children out number black children in schools.

Anyone with half an eye on the 2001 census would know this, why? Well because 2001 was the first year that mixed race got its very own group on the census. It had to, it is now the third largest ethnic group. As this article shows it will be the largest ethnic minority in just a few years:

On current trends, mixed-race babies will soon outnumber those born to black couples in Britain. The last census showed that people of mixed race make up the third-largest minority group behind Indians and Pakistanis. But with half of them aged 16 or younger, they are the fastest growing. In time, people of mixed race will become Britain’s largest ethnic minority.

To see just how fast it is growing one only needs to look at the 2001 census, isn’t that right Steph? Perhaps you missed that page? Although it has been mentioned before in the press:

In some cities the proportions are even higher. Some 11% of schoolchildren in Lewisham, south London, for example, are mixed.

Precisely as I stated in my original comment on her site, which Steph initially scoffed at, then oddly later removed that remark! I was quite offended by her turn of phrase, “few white women conceive to black men”, what a very odd thing to say, almost as if she believes that black men are infertile, or at least less fertile with white women than white men. Clearly though this is not true, probably some old wives tale that she heard from her mother. The fact that this ethnic group is growing so fast means that there is nothing wrong with the black seed and white wombs are proving fertile ground; much to Steph’s chagrin I am sure.

Her parting shot did not surprise me:

I wouldn’t date a black man because I’m not attracted to them – and that’s probably true for most white women – but a lot of white women, as well as white men have a strong negative reaction towards interracial relationships

She didn’t hide her abhorrence very well, but again I found it a very odd thing to say, “and that’s probably true for most white women” but it isn’t is it? As the statistics show.

As for the negative feelings, I can only assume that she is assuming everyone agrees with her, because the prevalence of mixed race relationships clearly shows that most people don’t mind them, well I am not surprised really, afterall she deletes the comments from anyone who disagrees with her and flatly refuses to acknowledge them so of course she believes her opinions are right, she has nothing else to compare them to.

“Make human nature thy study – wherever thou residest – whatever the religion – or the complexion – study their hearts. – Simplicity, kindness, and charity be thy guard – with these even savages will respect you – and God will bless you.” – Ignatius Sancho

Good advice then and now, I hope you take heed Steph. The Blackman is nothing to fear.


31 responses to “Mixed race relationships thrive in the UK – Contrary to the opinions of some

  1. That’s great, thanks again. It is such a relief to get it off my chest and out there for the world. Hopefully not too many people will be misinformed by that woman and those that are will, god willing, find their way to your site and be put right.

  2. No problem, I know how frustrating it can be. I meant to mention it earlier but you should check out this bloke: Ewan Rose he really got frustrated with her!

    I am sure that there are more of ‘us’ out there and I am going to keep checking Google to see, so you might want to check back occasionally.

  3. Ignatius Sancho

    Thank you once again Charlie for allowing me to post here. I have however decided that I would be better placed to fight the misinformation, and in some cases – down right lies, of some against blacks, with a blog of my own.

    I have therefore started my blog here:- http://africanus.wordpress.com/


  4. No problem, I have added you to the blogroll.

  5. Steph’s argument is flawed.

    From a numerical point of view there are around 27 million White women, and say 1 million Black men in the UK (as a 2008 estimate). In this regard, yes there are 27 times as many people that could identify with Hilary’s background than Barack Obama’s background.

    Leaving her argument at the point would be ok.

    But to go on about White women’s attractions to Black men just throws a Spanner in all of this logic…

    At best only 1 in 27 married White women in the, could be married to a Black man, which is 3.7%. That’s best you can do, due to monogamy laws (In reality it’s lower, a lot lower i.e. ethnic-age distribution, institute of marriage etc.) So the other 26 married White women, there’s no way of knowing whether they prefered a Black man, due to them not having the opportunity to pursue such a relationship anyway.

    But what we can do is ask the dude who lives in a very Black, White, Asian, and Mixed race area of London, just how many White women with children I see carrying mixed race babies. The answer is more than half. Yes, where I live in London, White women are more likely to have children to Black, Mixed Race or South Asian men (’cause that’s the only way these kids are gonna come out that dark!) than they are to other White guys. And here Whites account for 1/3rd of population.

  6. Thanks for the comment b199er. I am not sure what Steph’s aim with the article was. She started off with Hilary and Obama, went on into interracial marriages before saying things like ‘interracial relationships are rare’, ‘black men are unattractive to white women’ and that ‘white women rarely conceive to black men’, bizarre!

    She claims to live in East London, but says that interracial relationships are rare! Your information further convinces me that she was purposely skewing, or at least ignoring the figures. Particularly as she was deleting any comments that contradicted her and has now closed comments altogether. She has also removed the Top Posts widget, presumably as White women, Black Men was always top.

  7. Quote:
    “The number of mixed race children proves that very few white women conceive to black men”

    Don’t forget the number of mixed race babies born to black mothers, its not only bm/wf y’know! I am a mixed race young man with a Jamaican mother and an English father, and i know quite a few people with bf/wm mum and dad, although i realise the majority of interracial relationships are bm/wf.

  8. Thanks for the comment Evan. The quote was from another site, Steph’s Blog, and I don’t think she really had idea of what she was talking about.

  9. Free to think, free to believe...

    Well, according to the stats as presented here – the majority of ‘white women’ might feel sympathy with Steph’s disgust…. as there is no way to figure out what prejudices we all have…

    However her view reminds me of a female colleague who said that fat people were hideous and ugly and in her opinion should not be treated on the NHS. She was young and I was shocked at her prejudice – could you break down the stats into dress sizes for women and chest sizes for men?

    That’s a non starter as is saying that I have friends who agree with me… so I must be right…

  10. ban the interracial marriages !

    i know that black women are ugly as hell but you cannot touch white women !!!

  11. The statistics are flawed, a baby born of a white mother is noted down as white unless the mother states otherwise. This means the number of mixed babies is actually much higher. Considering the British population is apparently 90% white this means the only possible way this could happen is if the minority ethnic groups are having multiple children with different white mothers.

    Let me congratulate you on your negative contribution to that 7% of the world population which is the white race.

    I hope you tell your children some nice stories about white culture because that’s all it’ll be 150 years from now. That is if your children live through the wasteland the UK becomes just like every other “multi cultural” society in history.

    Before you even reply to my post, I recommend you do some research into the subject and think beyond what the government and media has forced down your throats.

  12. truth,

    Thank you for the comment. This isn’t actually my post, but one from Ignatius Sancho so I don’t really know how to respond to your comments.

    I have seen estimates that white people will become an ethnic minority in some cities within 30 years. That doesn’t mean that white people will become extinct or anything though.

    I am sure that there are many cities in the world where the indigenous population are outnumbered by immigrants.

  13. First we must define what “black man” means.If black man means british of carribean origin or a mixed-race then it is pretty true that these groups date almost exclusively whites women.Just look at the black footballers of carribean origin(Defoe,Campbell….).They all are dating white women.But africans date at 99.9% black women.There is no african professional footballer in England in a relation with a white woman.And when they date white women,it has more to do with sorting out their home office business.Many black men of carribean origin are still stuck in the belief that in order to accepted by the mainstream society,you must date a white woman.For them,dating a black woman is like making a dangerous political statement.That is why the carribean community in UK is lagging behind in all respects

  14. It is strange that people assume all mixed race people have a parentage of a white mother/ black father.

    Why on earth is this?

  15. Thanks for the comment pn,

    I think it is down to the statistcs, according to the article 50% of black men have a white partner but only about 10-20% of black women do. So statistically speaking a mixed race person is far more likely to have a black father, rather than a black mother.

  16. why do you think this is?

  17. pn said:
    why do you think this is?

    I honestly don’t know. Racism? Cultural taboos? Infidelity?

  18. happly married

    My wife is jamaican, we see love as more important than colour and our children appreciate both our backgrounds for their differences and their similarities. I love my wife and her colour means nothing to me as does my wife in return. Why is colour the big issue? Isnt culture the only difference? We are a multi cultural marriage not multi racial.

  19. it is fair to say that the carribean majority is declining due to the shortage of black men for black women but it then means that these black women will be available and open to men outside their race
    a black women with a white partner can seem to step on the ladder in other words it is seen to add to her status as the whitem man is more powerful in status and on a economical level in society, whereas white women are looked down upon when being in a mixed relationship their opportunites to date white men when with mixed race kids are very limited as most white men dont date white women who have relations with black men-

  20. I’m a white English guy married to a black English women of Carribbean background.

    I also have 3 mates who are married or in ltr’s to black women… it is not uncommon although rarely talked about.

    Of course we are aware that we are different race, but fundamentally we married because we fell in love. We have the same goals and views on life.

    We’ve never had any issues from either white or black people, it’s just not much of an issue. Most of the rubbish on this comes from America (although these are mostly from the crazies, not every day American’s).

    As someone pointed out, there are many children of white dad’s and black Mum’s, but there also many mixed race people with one parent who is Chinese or Indian.

  21. OBVIOUSLY ANOTHER THREAD DONE BY A BLACK MAN HOPING TO MAKE HIMSELF FEEL SECURE THAT he is making his mark on the world by having mixed children lol.
    mixed relationships thrive but don’t necesaarily result in sucsess when you look at the number of divorced mixed marriages, MANY MIXED CHILDREN have the absence of a loyal father-notably black ones,
    most educated white women do not date black men -the majority of white women date WHITE MEN. the stance to prove that interracial relationships work by black men who encounter these relationships is ridiculous ,
    regarding black adoption,THE ADOPTION NUMBER OF mixed children are almost outnumbering black children in ethnic minorities and thats staggering when mixed children have not been around as long as black children have.

  22. lol black men are sooo dumb. Their getting the ugliest white women and boasting about it.Lmao, you will NEVER be as powerful as the white man (pretty white women date white men or mixed race men at best) what makes black men think they stand a chance? lol however, when a black chick is pretty she dates white guys too..why is that? lol if black chicks do that, then white girls definately will

  23. How comes black men and white women date the most (when it comes to the blacks ONLY) because we all know white men overall take the lead as the TOP interracial daters.

    Anyway, how comes even though black men and white women date out alot in the real world..in the celebrity world the TOP white women wouldnt even go near black men? the white women seen as TOKENS are either with white men or mixed race men? lol this makes me laugh

    But wait, theres more…black women and white men in HOLLYWOOD have a LARGE LIST that nobody knew about..their dating the directors, fashion designers, entrepenurs etc check it outhttp://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100902191940AA95D6w


  24. “Untrue? Statistical bullshit? I am not sure how she is able to arrive at such a conclusion from that, it seems quite clear to me, according to the survey 34% of white women have dated a black man in the US. Sounds about right.”

    Based on what? The 71% figure is not as quoted here an approval rating it was in the original survey a figure of those who said they did not object. Also add to this the fact that with rampant political correctness, media bias and hate crime laws these figures probably over estimate the positve reaction.

    If interracial marriage has grown in Britain but not in other western countries is probably due to an increase in the non white population deliberately introduced by Labour as revealed my migration watch and detailed in released cabinet documents. Combined with an unrelenting media propaganda campaign and hate crime laws which are the most oppressive in the western world.

    However in the long term it will not work. Record numbers of white British people are now emigrating to places like Australia and how many blacks are there in that country?

  25. sounds like the author wants bumming by a black man. Try prison. lots of them in there

  26. 34%? It’s much lower than that.

  27. According to that 2005 Gallup poll, (which can be found here http://www.gallup.com/poll/19033/Most-Americans-Approve-Interracial-Dating.aspx) only 24 percent of white females report ever having dated a black man, not 34. It is probably considerably lower than that, given social-desirability bias in polls.

  28. Most of the negative/racist comments are from Americans. That just further proves RW’s point. Why are most white Americans raised so poorly?? smh

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