Steph’s blog – Where Racism meets naivety

I know that readers of this blog probably think that I am a little odd with this obsession over Steph at Steph’s Blog and to be honest I did start to think that maybe it was me and that I was just a little sad. So imagine my surprise tonight when I was reading her latest, quite frankly bizarre, post on racism and interracial relationships and finding lots of information to correct her and point out where she is blatantly wrong, when I noticed another poster disagreeing with her!

So I settled back and watched the weird goings on at Steph’s blog! I admit I was pleased when I saw that someone else had dared to disagree with her and I will post his comment here in picture form as I am sure that by tomorrow that post will have disappeared.

I thought that was great but on Steph’s Blog her word is law, so it was also suicidal. I took a screenshot because I knew that his post wouldn’t be there long.

That picture is his actual post but within an hour it had been altered, that is how it started with me too, unfortunately I didn’t get a screenshot of the first edit, she removed some of the content and branded his post inaccurate!

It was gratifying to know that it wasn’t just me that she did that to other people too! The screenshot of the later edit is below. She then replied, repeating her earlier points and giving a link to the census, all very normal you might think.

Here is a shot of her reply.

It is from this point that things get a little odd. She then decides to rename the person who corrected her, calling him Gareth. She removed the link to the man’s site on Black History, and replaced it with one that linked to Wikipedia. Presumably this was an attempt to make him seem less credible to her other readers? This altered post is again recreated below:

At this point even I was amazed at the lengths she seemed to be going to to make sure that she appeared to be right. Sadly either Ignatius hadn’t had chance to reply or he’d been banned, either way it was the last that Steph was going to have from him. Her final move then was to alter her own comment to belittle him further and of course he had no chance of defending himself.

Whilst I was a little relieved that it wasn’t just me that Steph goes mental at, I actually felt quite sorry for this commenter. He was clearly black and was offended by her post yet she made him look a fool, called him a half-wit and a troll and claimed that his facts were wrong. Here was a post about race, but when a person of race responded, she banned him! I felt obliged to stick up for him, but of course I am banned too!

This little episode aside I was amazed at both the content and tone of this post. Even I, not exactly the most PC of people, was offended by this statement:

I wouldn’t date a black man because I’m not attracted to them – and that’s probably true for most white women

What? How can she make such a sweeping statement and generalisation. She doesn’t find black men attractive, what all black men? Has she met them all? She says that she would never date a black man as they are unattractive, but somehow thinks that it isn’t racist? I could never and would never say the same thing about black women. Obviously some are less attractive than others, as with white women, but there will always be those that I would say were attractive, that is life, everyone is different. Her statement is clearly racist, she must be making the assumption that all black men are unattractive based on the fact that they are black, that Will Smith and Trevor Philips are both equally unattractive as they are both black as she cannot possibly know that she’d never meet a black man that is attractive.

She then goes on to say that most white women also find black men unattractive! As if because it is her opinion and she is a white woman, they must all think alike!

The most bizarre thing of all is that post takes the point that America thinks that it is a tolerant country when really it isn’t, Steph should look in the mirror as American isn’t the only thing that thinks that it is tolerant but clearly is not.

EDIT: Now she is claiming that everyone that has disagreed with her is the same person!

She said:

btw you used the same IP adresses as Charlie, Ewan Rose, Jack, Doug, etc.

I have seen Ewan comment on her site before, not sure who the others are, probably before I started reading it.

My IP address is dynamic so I can’t be using the same one every day, it is highly unlikely that someone else would get my old IP address and then post on Steph’s blog. However I think I know what she is getting at.

Steph, type the address in the resolve IP address at this site:-

If what comes up doesn’t say CUST at some point then the address that you are receiving is of a Proxy Server. If you still don’t believe me just Google the result.

If that is how she is banning me then she is probably banning anyone with the same ISP as me in Manchester, Nottingham and several other cities that my ISP has proxy servers in! D’oh!


2 responses to “Steph’s blog – Where Racism meets naivety

  1. Ha! I stumbled across your site today when looking for more information on Stefania Harris, do you know that you’re fourth for that search in Google, higher than her own site! The obstinate woman won’t let me post corrections to her propaganda and misleading and incomplete citations of the 2001 census.

    It is my post that you have pictures of. Very interesting to see how she twisted my words, edited them and then accused me of all people of being in the BNP!

    The ignorant woman has no idea who Ignatius Sancho was, knows nothing of black culture of heritage and claims to be some kind of champion for black people! The impudence of the woman! Glad to see that I am not alone in having fallen foul of her power trip.

    I did actually make several posts after that first one, you see she asked for references to my points and links initially. when I posted them proving my point, naturally she deleted them. I see from reading this that she does that quite a lot. I shall endeavour to read the rest of your posts regarding that woman, but is there any chance that I could send you the corrections and rebuttals? By email or something? Or if you don’t mind I could post them here?

  2. You still have them? Wise move when commenting on Steph’s blog. That is why I took a screen shot, I thought that she’d remove your comment as soon as she saw it. I was half right.

    If you could put them together into the form of a post I will post it here for you if that is OK?

    Just send it via the contact form on the About Page. Let me know if you have any probs.

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