Maddie Suspect Ignored by the PJ

Once again we see that despite that fact that some idiot blogs, such as Steph’s Blog, have hung, drawn and quartered the McCanns, there is still evidence, clear to all but the Portuguese police, that Maddie was snatched.

People like Steph make no mention of Gail Cooper? She saw a man, fitting almost exactly the description given by Tanner, hanging around days before Maddie was snatched.

Mrs Cooper saw the man a third time, two days later on April 22, as she lunched with her husband Jonathan at Bar Habana on the beach. There was a children’s outing there from the Mark Warner Ocean Club at the same time. The man was again alone and standing near the group of youngsters. Mrs Cooper said: “He looked odd and out of place.” When Madeleine arrived at the resort just a week later, the youngster went to the beach three days in a row with the children’s club, including May 3, the day of her disappearance.

That is of course hanging around, as in staking out, watching, something that Steph and her ilk had said was completely impossible, because there was no evidence of it! Mrs Cooper gave her statement on 21st May, yet nothing was ever done about it, even though this could be the third or fourth important link to the same man.

The sad point about this is that it once again it shows the ineptitude of the Portuguese Police, they have had this witness statement since May, yet have not asked for any further information nor released the description, despite the obvious similarities with Tanner’s testimony, in EIGHT MONTHS! In fact the only reason that this description and likeness was released, just like Tanners, was because the McCann’s themselves released it. The Portuguese Police have never been looking for anyone in connection with this crime, other that Murat and of course Kate.

I see this as a vindication of Tanner, somehow I think that Steph and the rest of the nut brigade will see it as further proof of some made conspiracy where everyone is lying to protect the McCann’s. The two witnesses mean that this man was a clear lead, a lead that was never followed and that could have saved little Maddie’s life.


Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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