Steph continues her mad campaign

I see that my favourite blogger has been hard at it in my absence, quote:

I’m often asked which candidate I support in the American presidential elections, as a European, I feel that is like being asked, which would I prefer, to be raped vaginally or anally.

Who says that women of the 21st Century aren’t classy, eh? Still there are some good points in that post and I don’t say that very often.

However she has also been spreading her vicious opinions once again regarding the McCann’s. This time though she is turning her attention to Gordon Brown:

Gordon Brown is professionally acquainted with many of the McCanns supporters and financial backers, including Richard Branson, Sir Tom Hunter and Bill Kenwright.

Which is absurd. Of course Gordon Brown is aware of, and has probably met some of Britain’s top entrepreneurs, how else does she think he gets his funding? That doesn’t mean that Richard Branson, Sir Tom Hunter and Bill Kenwright are personal friends of the McCann’s. I certainly don’t think that Richard Branson, Sir Tom Hunter and Bill Kenwright hang out in Leicester much and if they did they certainly wouldn’t be plotting to take over the world and then kill all the children as Steph seems to imply.

She makes it seem as if the McCann’s were let off by the help of some secret society that only doctors and politicians and of course the rich are a part of. The reality is that the Portuguese have nothing to charge them with, they have no evidence. Steph also misses an important point, the McCann’s haven’t been let off or saved by Gordon Brown or anyone else, the Portuguese still haven’t ruled out charging them.

Still any kind of argument is like water of a duck’s back to her, without any real knowledge of the case, or to be frank anything else, she has already tried and convicted the McCann’s.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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