What once was England

BBC NEWS | Kerb-crawlers get rehab in Polish

Polish-speaking men arrested for kerb-crawling in Nottinghamshire will be given rehabilitation programmes in their own language.

This really does take the piss. This is apparently ahead of other schemes to change the British flag to a new flag consisting of only red and white along with a proposed name change of England to Poland in order to make it easier for Poles to integrate into Polish, sorry I mean British, society.

They are also lining up rehabilitation programmes in other languages such as Kurdish as well. I really don’t see why, less than 1% of the UK population speak Kurdish, and less than 3% speak Polish, yet they are having there own special programmes? Clearly this police force has too much money, their budget should be cut drastically as they are just sitting around finding things to do with their time and the taxpayers hard earned money.

This is of course on the back of such news as this:- 80% of new jobs have gone to migrants since Labour came to power

Perhaps the British ruling elite has had enough of the English working class and has decided to supplant them with the more pliable and harder working Eastern Europeans. More English people are leaving the UK then ever before, it is therefore no wonder that Britain seems to be turning into a completely different country.

There are now no go areas for white people, and twice as many white people are attacked in ‘racially motivated incidents’ each year than all the ethnic minorities put together; this is no longer the country that I was born in.


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