There’s one born every minute

I have often wondered how people fell for the Nazi propaganda, were people back then just stupid? Was it because they just didn’t have any other forms of media to check facts? Were people just more trusting back then? But I always think that such things couldn’t happen today. The enlightened masses of the 21st century would see through such tricks and sleight of hand….well not always….

Women’s Rights in Iran « Steph’s blog

The Western perception of Islamic revolution being anti women just doesn’t bear scrutiny; the revolution has always been supported by high numbers of women, and Ahmadinejad, portrayed as anti women’s right in the Western media, has a strong female following and his sister sits on the Tehran Municipal council (so he’s obviously not anti women in work).

The video link is just hilarious! At first I thought that it must be some kind of wind up movie shot for some comedy show, but no it is actually ‘genuine’ footage. How can Stefania Harris, and the other readers and commenters on that blog believe that women have a good deal in Iran when things like this are widely reported? It is also an offence in Iran not to put up a fight and protect your virtue when attacked and raped. Seems like a catch 22 to me, if they ‘let’ themselves be raped, they face prison. If they fight back, they face prison or death. I am not sure what happens to the rapist, he probably gets a promotion in the Revolutionary Guard.

It isn’t just rape though, women are discriminated against in every way, from when and with whom they are able to go out in public to what they can and cannot wear. In Iran ALL women must wear the hijab (Muslim or not), by law

The hijab, at least according to the Qu’ran was intended to show infidels that the wearer is Muslim (back when Islam was an emerging religion) and as such should be treated with respect, i.e. not accosted but treated with deference (in the same as many people in the West today would treat and behave around a nun). However the hijab is purely voluntary and doesn’t need to be worn all the time, not wearing it, at least according to the Qu’ran, does not show any disrespect, it is almost like wearing a cross in the west. It isn’t compulsory for a Christian to wear a cross but doing so shows everyone that they are a Christian. Having a law, in an overwhelmingly Muslim nation, requiring all women to wear the hijab is pointless and excessive and has more to do with male dominance than anything else. Remember that the hijab is the head scarf and the burqa (full body kit) is NOT mentioned anywhere in the Qu’ran at all and is a later invention to help men keep prying eyes of their prize possessions – their wives and daughters.

Having those ‘police officers’ dressed in burqas whilst performing their duties is laughable and just a play to the feeble minded. Those women are not being treated as equals, they are being allowed to play at being police officers. In life or death situations you cannot take chances with restrictive clothing, these women would be a liability. Besides according to Iranian law, women are not allowed to lay hands on strange men, therefore they could never apprehend men, or even escort them between interview rooms. They would also never be allowed to interview male suspects without another male family member being present. This is Iranian law, there are no exceptions made in Iranian law, although there are in the Qu’ran. It is propaganda, pure and simple.

I am amazed that Stefania Harris even gave it a platform.


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