Thank God the Nazi’s didn’t have bloggers on their side

If there were an award for appeasers this blog would surely get this years award. According to that blog’s author:

…the British army have butchered innocent civilians by indiscriminate fire, like they did in Basra…

People like Osama Bin Laden must be jumping for joy, as ‘Steph’ from and her ilk are doing their propaganda work for them. It is almost inconceivable to think that people like this are taking the side of murderers and terrorists, rather than their own people. How long before they are applauding terrorists attacks on British soil saying that we got what we deserve? It is a shame that treason is no longer considered a real crime.

These liberals do gooders seems to be up in arms over the killing of a few civilians in a war. Unfortunately that is the way war is, less than 60 years ago it was considered the norm to bomb or even annihilate whole civilian cities during times of war, just because they were on the wrong side.

These unnatural and frankly restrictive modern rules further endanger our troops, who are there at our behest, not because they are bloody thirsty bastards. Remember we (and I use the term we because they aren’t fighting for themselves, they are fighting for us – whether we agree with the war or not) are dealing with people that purposely hide amongst the civilian population, knowing that our misplaced sense of morals will protect them. They dress as women, hide in amongst families and fire from children’s bedrooms.

What choice do our brothers, fathers, cousins or daughters have? Decide not to return fire through fear of harming the civilians that these people are cowering behind and risk burning alive when one of them fires an RPG at the Warrior. Do they allow mortar teams to fire at them indiscriminately because they are firing from a suburban area? Or do they bomb the area, just as they would in a conventional war, to try to save the lives of their comrades?

These liberals discuss this topic as if what the British troops are doing is the same as common criminals at home, as if they have a choice but are purposely being bloodthirsty murderers. They seem to forget that these soldiers could be an 18 year old lad down the road from them, could be people who went to the same school as them and who were brought up with the same morals and standards as them. Judging them in this way makes me sick, unlike ‘Steph’ whose single daily concern is black shoes or brown shoes or ‘does my bum look big in this’, they have to worry about killing someone before they themselves, or their friends, are killed. Wondering everyday whether the smiling Iraqi man is going to pull an RPG from his car and leave them horrifically burnt, or an amputee.

At the end of the day war is about trying to kill as many of the enemy as possible whilst losing as few men of your own. You can’t blame the British troops for taking the opportunity to kill people who are trying to kill them, not to do so would be stupid as that missed opportunity is going to do everything that it can to deprive Mr and Mrs Smith from Battersea of their son. All that the soldiers of the British Army have done, is try to stay alive and unless you have faced what they have faced, you cannot judge them.

These liberals talk about choice, the Iraqi’s are sheltering these people, allowing them to take refuge in their homes and worse allowing them to attack and kill our troops from within that refuge. They made the choice, they want blood and unfortunately part of that means that sometimes it will be some of their own.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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