National anthem not ‘British’ enough

God Save the Queen ‘is due for a rewrite’, says Labour’s Lord Goldsmith | the Daily Mail

The National Anthem is insufficiently inclusive and should be rewritten, the lawyer leading Labour’s review of Britishness has said.

These days it seems like nothing is sacred. Now we have another rich twat, who probably thinks that patriotism is something that keeps poor people amused, has decided that the national anthem isn’t inclusive enough. We must be the only country in the world that needs to be told what it is that makes us British and has to have a ‘Britishness review.’

I am sure that his next suggestions will be to have verses about gays, Muslims, Welsh and Indians etc, just to keep everybody happy, and by that it means the minority of people in the UK.

The fact is that it has been our national anthem for centuries, what right have we to change it now for something that in less than a century will probably mean nothing to the people of Britain?


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