Six people saw Murat outside McCann’s Apartment

Six cracks in Murat’s alibi as witnesses line up to cast doubt on original Madeleine suspect | the Daily Mail

Detectives searching for Madeleine McCann raised “serious questions” about suspect Robert Murat’s alibi yesterday after two new witnesses came forward.

The most interesting point of that article is the fact that it was Murat doing a lot of the translations for police:

Miss Pennington said Mr Murat, 34, also translated the statements given to police by her two friends and gave one of them his mobile number, telling her: “When you see something strange, contact me.”

A very handy position to be in if he were involved in the kidnap.

This blows serious holes in the nutjob theories that the McCanns did it. Despite the overwhelming evidence pointing to Madeleine being snatched there are still idiots on the internet that are that certain that they are guilty (despite not even being charged), and are spouting lies about them.

I think that it is important to clear up some of these lies and inconsistencies being bandied about:

  1. There was blood found in Maddies  room, but it was confirmed not to be hers and belonged to a man of northern European descent.
  2. There was rumoured to be blood found in the hire car, although this has never been officially confirmed. Maddies DNA was found in the car. However this isn’t proof positive that Maddie was ever in the car. The DNA could be from her hair on clothes or toys or even from her siblings. Sibling DNA is virtually indistinguishable.
  3. It wouldn’t make sense for Maddie’s blood to be in the car. By the time the car was hired she had been missing for 25 days. A body left that long would have been badly decomposed and there would have been very little flesh left, let alone blood. Holly and Jessica for instance were left in a ditch for 13 days in the English summer and were very badly decomposed. If there had been evidence of a corpse it would be tissue.
  4. The disappearance of Madeleine McCann is extremely similar to another disappearance just 3 years previously. Joana Cipriano’s body was never found but her mother and uncle were convicted of her murder. Apparently they killed her after she discovered their incestuous affair. Goncalo Amaral head of the investigation into Maddie’s disappearance worked on the Cipriano case and has since been charged along with other officers of falsifying documents, torture and omission of evidence. Joana’s mother signed a confession after being beaten into submission. She retracted it the next day.
  5. In the Cipriano case like the Maddie case the police were also accused of messing up the crime scene and losing vital evidence. At which point they turned on the Cipriano family.
  6. When the police eventually checked Maddie’s bedroom they found DNA not belonging to the McCanns. This person has never been traced.
  7. There was a burglary in the apartments a few weeks before and an attempted burglary, where a man, apparently with a key, walked into one of the apartments, this person has also never been traced.
  8. If, as some claim, the McCanns did kill Maddie, they managed it either without the knowledge of their friends, or even more bizarrely, with their help. This means that they managed to hide the evidence and her body somewhere, in an unfamiliar area all in the space of a few hours.
  9. Sniffer dogs that apparently detected the scent of death cannot be relied upon. The scent only lasts 4 weeks, the dogs were brought in after 14 weeks.
  10. Important forensic evidence was lost when the Portuguese police failed to check Madeleine’s favourite toy, which was in bed with her when she went missing.
  11. The Portuguese police failed to interview everyone that was staying in the apartment block that night. Important witnesses and eye witness accounts have been lost because of this.
  12. Some claim that Jane Tanner has lied and changed her story countless times. This isn’t true, she has stuck with the same story throughout.

I feel really sorry for the McCanns, the police have behaved in a very unprofessional manner throughout this investigation, and destroyed any realistic hope of them ever seeing their daughter again, or even finding out what happened. Even if Murat were involved, he has had plenty of time to well and truly cover his tracks.


Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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