15 Days in Prison for Trying to Help Muslims

BBC NEWS | World | Africa | UK teacher jailed over teddy row

British teacher has been found guilty in Sudan of insulting religion after she allowed her primary school class to name a teddy bear Muhammad.

Well again this is no surprise, it was obvious that they were going to teach this white woman a lesson for teaching in a Christian school. This has nothing to do with a teddy bear, it is a chance for Islamists to get a Christian school closed down and a white Christian out of the country. It is also a lesson to other white Christian would be do gooders – ‘Stay the fuck away,’

Once she’s out of the way I am sure that these ‘men of Allah’ will go back to sharpening their machetes ready to deal with the rest of the infidels, I am sure that the genocide isn’t restricted to Darfur.

An interesting section in the article is this:

Officials at the Foreign Office say the mood has changed as a result of the verdict.

I hope that means the mood of the Foreign Office and of No. 10 has changed to hostility. She was clearly made an example of, used to show that Muslims don’t put up with any interfering from white Christians. The FO and PM should be furious and should now make an example of the Sudan; they should show that genocide is not acceptable, even in Africa. Britain should push for sanctions unless the problems in Darfur are addressed.

At the very least Britain should push to have proper peacekeepers in Darfur, not the AU soldiers who just seem to pretend not to notice what is going on. If this is the Sudanese legal system and Sudanese law, then those in Darfur have no hope.


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