LG’s new phone has extra loud notification options for noisy environments

BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | S Korea probes ‘cell phone death’

Authorities in South Korea are investigating the death of a man amid reports he may have been killed by an exploding mobile phone battery.

With all this coverage recently of dangerous batteries in laptops, it now seems the problem is also apparent in mobiles phones. It is only logical though, as mobiles phones and laptops use the same kind of batteries.

Apparently a man in China was also killed in July when his phone exploded, but that was put down to high temperatures due to the man’s occupation. This of course was the original excuse when laptops started exploding. At first it was a “freak occurrence” then “an unusual set of circumstances culminating in a rare incident” and then all the batteries were recalled. First by one company, then another and then another.

The difference is, as far as I know, no one actually died when the laptops went up. Then again you tend not to have a laptop next to your ear, or worse, next to your family jewels.

I have to say though that this death is quite ironic. The man worked in a quarry and probably spent a lot of time around explosives. There must have been a few times where the thought crossed his mind that he may well die one day from being around dangerous explosives. I bet he never imagined that the dangerous explosive that would do it for him would be his mobile phone!

I am sure that I won’t find it half as amusing tomorrow when I am using my mobile phone and it starts to get a bit warm on my ear.


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