Sudan’s Blasphemous Bear

BBC NEWS | World | Africa | ‘Muhammad’ teddy teacher arrested

A British schoolteacher has been arrested in Sudan accused of insulting Islam’s Prophet, after she allowed her pupils to name a teddy bear Muhammad.

This is extraordinary. Apparently now it is against Islam to name anything, other than a child, Mohammed. What absolute bollocks. I am sure that there are plenty of toys and pets throughout the Muslim world named Mohammed. it is after all one of the most popular names in the Muslim world. But this is nothing to do with naming something Mohammed, Muslim parents are not accused of insulting Islam by naming their children Mohammed, this is about punishing a white non Muslim.

The claim is that the teacher blasphemed by naming the bear Mohammed, as it is an insult to make an image of the Prophet Mohammed. Yet the teacher made no claim that the bear was actually Mohammed himself. She did not say that the bear represented Mohammed. Nor did she give the bear any religious significance. Surely if anyone has blasphemed it was the one who made the connection in the first place?

Yet the Muslims are again up in arms claiming that this is another example of a white non Muslim insulting the image of Mohammed.

The school is currently closed as nutters have threatened to burn the school down, no doubt with the sacrilegious children inside too. There are also concerns over the safety of the teacher in question, as lynch mobs gather outside the police station where she is being held.

Incidents like this are precisely why people in Britain should be wary of trying to accommodate and promote tolerance of Muslims and Islam. It seems that no matter how tolerant you are, some nutty Imman will invent some thing else that is insulting to Islam.

It should also be noted that the woman is British, and Sudan was part of the British Empire.

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