Celts go it alone

BC SPORT | Football | Internationals | ‘Celtic Cup’ set to start in 2009

Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have agreed “in principle” to play a series of three biennial “Celtic Cup” tournaments.

I think that this has pretty much buried the revival of the Home Championships and it is a clear slap in the face for England, who have distanced themselves from this Tournament, and quite rightly. It is after all called the Celtic Cup, and England is not a Celtic nation and the name is clearly intended to preclude England.

The revival of the Home Championship was what most people in England, and other parts of Britain,  were after. It was after all the worlds first international football competition, and was until it ended the world’s longest running international football competition. With its history and prestige this would have been the better option for all the nations concerned, however the Celtic Cup is yet another example of how the Scotland and Wales in particular are desperately trying to distance themselves from England.

It is sad as this surely means that the Home Championships will never be revived.


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