Piece of shit incriminated by a piece of shit

BBC NEWS | UK | Suspect ‘had sex with Meredith’

DNA tests show the man most recently arrested in connection with the murder of Meredith Kercher had sex with her on the night she died, Italian police say.

Well this really does prove that good hygiene and manners can save you a lot of strife. After raping and/or killing Miss Kercher Rudy Hermann Guede took a dump in the bathroom and didn’t flush the chain. I can’t imagine that there could be any other stronger evidence placing him at the scene. After all he could have had sex with Miss Kercher anywhere. His hair could have gotten onto her pillow in a variety of ways but it is extremely unlikely that she took his shit home with her and placed it in her own toilet shortly before being murdered.

It shouldn’t take long to extract a confession from this muppet though. It takes some kind of idiot to have unprotected sex with someone you are planning to kill or rape. To then leave without tidying up would be stupid enough but to take a dump and leave several pounds of your DNA in the toilet without flushing is pretty stupid.

His idiocy doesn’t end there though, the most wanted man in Europe then boards a train without paying, hardly the best way of keeping a low profile.

I suppose that Miss Kercher’s family will be pleased that the man that killed their daughter is such a plank and it will surely lead to a swift resolution to this case. I hope that this man will be put away for a very long time.


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