More scum off Britain’s streets, albeit briefly.

BBC NEWS | England | London | Man killed for bumping into gang

Three men have been jailed for a “chilling” attack on a 19-year-old who was kicked to death after he bumped into one of them.

More evidence of what happens when you allow thugs to run the streets. This is another callous attack and another waste of a life. What is most shameful about this and the other similar attacks is how cowardly these kind of people are. Either they carry a knife or they go around in groups and pick on people who are alone. After an altercation with Mr Page and his friends, the three cowards then waited until Ian Page was alone before all three confronted him and kicked him to death.

Andre Campbell, who it appears was too afraid to confront Page alone, apparently wanted revenge after Ian Page bumped into him. So the three of them kicked him to death.

People like this have no place in society, and I resent the fact that I have to pay taxes to keep scum like this alive. They should be executed. At best they will serve seven years, before coming out and either making some other poor innocent persons life a misery, or ending it. When will we learn in this country that there is no such thing as rehabilitation. With 67% of prisoners re-offending within two years of being released, it is clear that the prison system isn’t working, and besides that number should be 67% are caught re-offending within two years; who knows what the real figure is.

The most alarming statistic that I came across today is that apparently 95% of young prisoners (aged 15-21) suffer from at least one mental disorder and 80% suffer from at least two! Now if that doesn’t show that we are over diagnosing mental illnesses in this country then I don’t know what does. The only mental illness they have is stupidity, coupled with laziness.

We should stop making excuses and return to the days when criminals were punished and murders were executed. I am sure that that will result in a down turn in mental illness in the UK. At the very least it will reduce the heavy burden on the tax payer.

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