Getting away with murder

BBC NEWS | England | London | Schizophrenic admits knife death

A paranoid schizophrenic has admitted stabbing a hospitality worker to death in a row over throwing chips on a London bus.

Another despicable example of how the British Justice system is failing. Another animal, like Stephen Gordon, feigns mental illness and again the justice system laps it up. The idiot jurors believed that Joseph, rather than being a callous murderer, was in fact just a tortured soul, suffering the onset of paranoid schizophrenia. I can only assume that someone somewhere took the phrase a jury made up of the peers of the defendant quite literally and picked a jury of twats.

Like Stephen Gordon, the piece of shit had the audacity to smile when he got away with his vicious crime. Again like Stephen Gordon, the victim was an innocent man travelling on public transport, going about his business like the decent member of society that he was. In the case of Anthony Joseph, the victim was trying to protect his girlfriend from a sick child abductor.

It isn’t hard to imagine what was going through the mind of Mr Whelan, most of us have been in a similar situation where some idiot is causing trouble and trying to belittle the people around him. Joseph was safe in the knowledge that he could do whatever he wished. He was released from a burglary charge, he even got away with being a paedophile and kidnapping a child. It seems that he wanted to really test his luck with a murder charge, and it seems that it was worth the gamble as today he got away with that too.

Richard Whelan ignored Joseph for has long as he could, but when Joseph began throwing chips at his girlfriend’s head, he couldn’t ignore him any longer and spoke up. He probably thought that at worst he may have got a beating, but Joseph was on a power trip and decided that for that kind of disrespect Whelan had to die. Not content with beating him to the ground, Joseph pulled out a knife and stabbed Whelan seven times. Even a child knows that stabbing someone seven times is going to kill them.

Yet today the jury decided that stabbing someone seven times isn’t murder, at least not when the attacker is a bit poorly. The family of Richard Whelan were understandably upset they said:

“The defence of diminished responsibility in this case has been used as a defence for the un-defendable, with so much evidence showing that Anthony Joseph was an angry and vindictive man. He has tried to excuse his actions that evening by claiming mental illness, however in our opinion he callously killed Richard for no reason at all.”

Things like this literally make me sick to my stomach and surely only convince people that the justice system cannot be relied upon, that perhaps other, older forms of justice would be more favourable. An eye for an eye would be fairer than putting the family through the pain of watching the man who callously murdered their loved one get away with it.

Letting Joseph off like this only convinces the thousands of others like him that they are untouchable.


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