Britain should adopt Islamic outlook

I was quite surprised this week to hear the head of the Muslim Council of Britain, Muhammad Abdul Bari, saying that the people of Britain should take a leaf out of the Qu’ran. His exact words were:

“Everybody can learn from everyone. Some of the Muslim principles can help social cohesion – family, marriage, raising children with boundaries, giving to the poor, and not being too greedy,”

Unfortunately it seems that Mr Bari hasn’t integrated too well into British life, otherwise he would have known that these were British virtues long before he arrived in the UK.

Amazingly he made comparisons between modern Britain and 1930s Germany! His colleague later backed him up saying:

“What you had in the 1930s was all sorts of popular fictions were spread about the Jewish community that they were responsible for all ills that were occurring to Germany. They were made into folk-devils, and I think there is a danger that the word Muslim in the UK is becoming synonymous with bad news.”

I think that the comparison is rather insulting to the Jews, after all they were well integrated in German society. Britain’s problem is that the Muslims won’t integrate. The Jew’s certainly didn’t impose their views on their adopted homeland, they integrated and other than being successful they kept a low profile.

British Muslims are almost the complete opposite, suicide bombers aside, the Muslim community always seems to be complaining. If it isn’t porcelain pigs on a window sill it is Piglet from Winnie the Pooh or alcohol hand washes that are suddenly insulting to Muslims and further evidence that the British can’t tolerate Islam.

The important sentence above though is this one, ‘What you had in the 1930s was all sorts of popular fictions were spread about the Jewish community that they were responsible for all ills that were occurring to Germany.’ How insulting must this be to the Jews that lived in Germany in the 1930s. The fact then is that the Jews were scapegoats they weren’t responsible for any of the ills in Germany.

Of course people are turning against the Muslim community in Britain today, they are responsible for some of the ills that are occurring in Britain. In the 1930s the Jews weren’t carrying out bombings, at least not till a decade later against the British. Try riding the tube in London and not thinking about 7/7. That was an attack carried out by Muslims for Islam. Add to that the recent attempted attacks on aeroplanes and airports and the now seriously inconvenient security checks at all airports.

The people of Britain are bound to blame the Muslim community, and although it isn’t fair to tar all Muslims with the same brush, the Muslim community are not helping themselves. They aren’t weeding out these extremists, they aren’t preaching the tolerance they claim to espouse and they aren’t encouraging Muslims to integrate into British society. Instead they are saying that the British people need to change, they need to stop blaming the Muslims for these Islamic extremists and learn from Muslims!

Perhaps British Muslims should instead take a leaf out of the Torah and like the Jews have always done, integrate into their adopted country whilst retaining their identity. At the moment all they are doing is justifying their alienation and scapegoating.

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