Stephen Gordon – A cowardly piece of shit

This man is absolute scum. I use the term ‘man’ in its loosest form, this is Stephen Gordon, a complete coward and all round piece of shit. He attacked a 96 year old former soldier for absolutely no reason on a tram. Furthermore this unprovoked attack left the victim, Shah Chaudury, blind in one eye. Stephen Gordon was caught on CCTV, and chased by two children that witnessed the attack and who identified him, yet claimed it was self defence! What kind of an idiot claims that he acted in self defence against a 96 year old man that could barely walk? The kind of person that would then, when presented with the CCTV footage of the unprovoked and inexcusable attack, claim that the CCTV images were faked!

It seems that Mr Gordon is not the sharpest tool in the box by any stretch of the imagination. In fact I think that he may well have just made Professor Watson’s point for him when he claimed that black people were not as intelligent as whites and Asians.

It isn’t surprising though that vermin such as Stephen Gordon exist, anyone who has ever visited an inner city or made a trip on public transport will know that there are many people of Stephen Gordon’s ilk around; it is surprising that they can get away with it. I don’t just mean from some Judge who has no idea that odious people such as Gordon terrorise innocent ordinary people on a daily basis, and thinks that rather than being punished, people like Gordon need aid and rehabilitation; no I mean that Joe Public let him get away with it by just standing by and watching. The idiot Judge decided that a suspended sentence was in order, i.e he gets away Scot Free, hence the smile in the above picture. The Judge actually remarked that society wouldn’t be better off with Stephen Gordon behind bars, we’d all be better of with him rehabilitated and his mental health problems cured. He claims to be a paranoid schizophrenic, which these days seems to be a euphemism for an alcoholic, low life waster.

Clearly the Judge isn’t too familiar with the NHS. Nor is he aware that in the budget cuts the sector that gets cut back first and deepest is mental health and that that is the reason that we have people like Stephen Gordon on the streets in the first place. No, society would have been best served had the Judge placed a black piece of cloth on his head and ordered his execution. There is no place in society for people like Stephen Gordon, he has no purpose. He’s too stupid to have a job and his only talent is being able to punch out men who can barely walk. Society doesn’t need men like Stephen Gordon and society certainly doesn’t need to pay for the pointless attempts at getting a waste of space like Gordon to feel good about himself and like he belongs. He doesn’t and never will.

“At first blush, it is not a difficult sentencing exercise, an immediate and significant prison sentence would well be justified. That said, it would do nothing to protect the public in the future and my real concern is the public.” – Idiot Judge

It seems that in the UK today, vile pieces of shit like Gordon can get away with not only because the police are useless and the courts far too lenient, but because people no longer dare interfere. Mr Chaudury was attacked on a packed tram. Yet no one lifted a finger to apprehend his attacker. In fact Gordon was able to wait till the next stop before making good his escape. Their was a time in Britain when he would have been on the receiving end of some mob justice for such an attack. Nowadays everyone looks away and thanks god that it isn’t happening to them. People like Gordon can carry out their atrocious acts because they know no one is there to stop them. The police are back in the station filling out forms and meeting their targets, the have a go hero’s are all dead or in prison for assaulting scum like Gordon. It must make him, and the others like him, feel like Kings. They can do what they want with impunity and no one dares stop them. Law abiding members of society cower in fear when people like him raise their voice, or threaten violence.

Yet despite this it was two children who chased, identified and testified against Stephen Gordon and shamed all the other passengers. Perhaps because they were too young or too naïve to understand the risk they were taking and that these days people keep to themselves and do not get involved.

I just hope that the millions of people that must have seen the CCTV footage of the incident. That looked into the vicious and callous face of Stephen Gordon as he attacked an old man and that saw his smiling, uncaring face as he left court, recognise him and give him the beating he deserves. Let’s face it he could do with a little DIY dentistry, courtesy of Doc Marten. A quick introduction of his face to the porcelain tiles whilst he is taking a leak, or a bar stool across the back of the skull whilst he is drinking the money that he either mugged from the taxpayer or mugged from some innocent member of society. Nothing is too low for this detestable man. I really hope that he gets what both his face and his actions are crying out for, a good kicking.

Failing that I hope that knowing what he has done, everyone that meets him in his day to day life has nothing whatsoever to do with him. Just in case there is any doubt, his name is Stephen Gordon, he’s aged 44 and lives in Croydon.


4 responses to “Stephen Gordon – A cowardly piece of shit

  1. i just read about this case on the bbc site for the first time, it’s shocking. By allowing that violent man to go free, the judge is not doing anyone any favours in the long run, including the criminal himself. he could and should be held and treated in a secure unit. And if he doesn’t respond to treatment, he should never get out.

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  3. It happened that for about 8 months I was dealing 2 times a month with an idiot judge (Sam Walker, New York State Supreme Court judge, located in White Plains, Westchester County).

    Here are my observations on the idiot’s behavior:
    Sam Walker’s first rulling after a defendant appears before him is to set the so called “Condition of Bail” atop of any bail already posted.
    The “Condition of Bail” consists in sending the defendant to a program at his own or taxpayers cost for 52 or at leas 26 weeks to a program (Task or “Domestic Violence for Men”).
    If and when the defendant gets acquited he does not get back anything from what he spends on program fees (typically $3000).
    I assume this practice of the petty tyrant Sam Walker costs millions to the NYS taxpayer and probably even more to defendants.
    Judging from my own extensive experience with Sam Walker, I can confidenlty say that he has an IQ of an idiot (he constantly forgets stuff, insists on applying procedures that are totally insuitable for a particular case, speaks bulshit in the courtroom).

    I don’t know if judge Sam Walker was born idiot or became demented with aging; what bugs me is that the NY Commission on Judicial Conduct does not take any measures against him.

    The reason Hon. Sam Walker is not sanctioned yet is the fact that his idiotic behaviour generates a lot of money for the industry (the programs and the lawyers).
    The lawyers love Hon. Sam Walker, because he fills their pockets with money for the so called “compliance hearings”.
    A defendant sent to a program is typically ordered to appear once a month before the idiot Sam D. Walker just to check if he attends the program.
    Of course, the Defendant appears with a lawyer, who typicallly charhges him between $600 and $800 for the useless court appearance.
    During the “complience hearing” a note from the program, stating that the Defendants reqularily attended” is typically read by the DA to the idiot Walker (as if the idiot cannot read it itself).

    The meaning of this comedy is, of course, to make money by imitating work from the DA and the lawyers.

    I’m not afraid to call the guy idiot, because I know that Sam Walker is too afraid of being submitted to an IQ test, to sue me for defamation.
    I will love to appear before a jury on a defamation trial.

    Peter Petrov

    For more info about the idiot:
    call 914.309.7463
    or visit

  4. British Judicial system is example of cowardice in the face of the enemy.

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