Bush bemused by counting to three

Telegraph.co.uk – Bush warns of World War III

“President George W Bush has raised the spectre of “World War Three” breaking out if Iran was allowed to acquire nuclear weapons.”

Bush again shows his ignorance by stating that Iran’s attempts to acquire a nuclear weapon could lead to World War Three. It is only a world war when all parts of the world are involved and when it is one group of power against another group of powers. Iran and America are both isolated on this issue.

But you have to admire the man’s persistence, not content with turning the cradle of civilisation into a hell on earth and turning Afghanistan into a 100 year struggle, he now wants to start WWIII.

I mean does anyone really care that Iran has a nuclear reactor or even a nuclear weapon? China has them, as does North Korea, Israel (the most aggressive state in the Middle East). As for the justification being that the Iranian President stated that Israel be wiped off the map, well that was wrong anyway he didn’t actually say that and besides, hasn’t Palestine already been wiped off the map? It certainly isn’t on mine.

You can view the video of “The Most Powerful Man on Earth” below:

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