Portuguese Shambles Continues

BBC New | Police ‘suspect Madeleine mother’

“Portuguese police believe the mother of missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann is involved in her death, a family spokeswoman has said.”

Well this case has pretty much descended into farce now. It seems that at no point have the Portuguese Police suspected any Portuguese nationals of snatching Madeleine, even though some 10 million of them live in Portugal, and around 30 children go missing in Portugal each year. No, it seems that this is a completely British matter and in fact the only suspect, up until today, has been a Mr. Robert Murat, who seems to have been a suspect for no other reason than that he is British and lives near to where Madeleine went missing.

After being unable to pin anything on Mr. Murat, the Portuguese Police have had to look for another British citizen, and who better than the mother of Madeleine herself.

It’s amazing to think that despite the fact that 30 children go missing each year the police have had absolutely no idea how to handle this type of case, they have asked for advice from British detectives multiple times and have even had to have blood samples sent away to Britain for analysis. Surely they would have learnt a few things from handling the other cases, if indeed they handled them at all.

It would certainly appear that they have no idea what they are doing, afterall they have had only two lines of enquiry during the whole investigation, a British man who lived nearby and the McCann’s themselves. They don’t appear to have investigated anything else. They brought in sniffer dogs, again from Britain, after she’d been missing for a couple of months. Normally, at least on CSI, the forensics tend to get done pretty quickly.

Apparently the reason that they suspect Kate McCann is because of blood samples belonging to Madeleine that they apparently found in a car that the McCann’s had hired. Unfortunately the McCann’s hired it 25 days after Madeleine went missing, so that would mean that Kate (and we’d have to assume that her husband was complicit) killed Madeleine, unbeknownst to all her friends and friends children that were staying in the same complex with them at the time. They then somehow stored her body for 25 days, and despite all the paparazzi hounding the couple, they managed to move the body into the car and then dump it somewhere else. Unless they kept Madeleine in a freezer, I am not even sure how it could have left a blood sample after 25 days in the Portuguese climate.

Perhaps they should really be looking into who had the hire car before the McCann’s, perhaps around the time that Madeleine went missing.


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