White hero causes uproar

Another huge overreaction to a video game, but what is different about this one is not that it is parents and censors who are doing to complaining, but the black community and liberal do-gooders.

Black Information Link – Voodoo video nasty

“VIDEOGAME FANS expressed shock at the new game which features a white man killing zombies in Africa.”

The odd thing is, no-one has complained in the past, when the other four games had white people killing white people. Now it seems that a line has been crossed. You see you just can’t have a white hero and black bad guys, it just isn’t PC.

The game is set in Africa, the hero is from the other games so obviously it makes perfect sense. Generally speaking and I may just be sticking to stereotypes here but in most rural African areas, the people that live there are black. So obviously the Zombies in the game are going to be black. There was never any complaints about white guys killing zombies that were predominately white.

As is typical with these PC storms in a tea cup, there are those completely insane people who come out with the most ridiculous comments like:

‘The game has been described as “problematic on so many levels” which could cause white youths to begin “fearing, hating, and destroying Black people.”‘

Quite right, after playing Hitman: Codename 47 years ago, I now regularly go out and garrotte people.

The worst comments I read came from a nutjob blogger who clearly likes to talk bollocks:

“it’s not just that these zombies are black, but that the uninfected black villagers are zombie-like too. See all those spooky shots of the villagers before they get infected? It’s as if race itself were a disease. The white protagonist has to fight back or be infected.”

What? If she’s seeing that kind of thing from watching the trailer then perhaps she should not go to anymore clan meetings. Or maybe she’s just unfamiliar with the plot or basic science, being black isn’t catching but the zombies, by their very nature are carrying a disease.

‘Get bitten by a zombie, or just drop a tiny bit of undead blood in an open wound, and you’re a goner. Soon you too will carry the disease of the living dead. Sounds familiar yet? Yup, we could be talking about the HIV/AIDS crisis, which has killed 15 million Africans, and infected 25 million others on the continent. Especially since one of the few sentences spoken in the Resident Evil 5 trailer is, “Casualties continue to mount over the long years I have struggled.”‘

I really don’t think so, after all the zombie myth was around long before AIDS. More to the point, getting bit by a Zombie does mean you’re a goner. Yet getting a drop of infected blood does not give you AIDS. In fact even if you had sex with someone with AIDS, you will only have around a 25% chance of catching it. Not to mention the little known fact that 1 in every 100 people is actually immune to AIDS and can’t contract it no matter what. Talk about seeing connections where they are none and jumping to conclusions. Malaria kills more Africans than AIDS, why didn’t she see that connection? Afterall that gets passed on by bites.

Let’s back track here though, way back to say, 1968 when this film came out:- Night of the Living Dead

This is of course the film where a black hero kills ONLY white zombies. Yet there was no sudden outbreak of black youths “fearing, hating, and destroying white people,” after the film was released. I don’t think that there were complaints from the liberal nut jobs back then, in fact it was probably seen as a good thing to have a black hero. Forty years later when the roles are reversed it is seen as being racist? This is almost too bizarre for words.

The oddest sentence of the first article came at the end:

“Resident Evil is not the first computer game to spark a ‘race row.’ Black Hawk Down was set in Somalia.”

Does that mean that there was a similar uproar about this game? The number of whites in Somalia is less than 1%, and few if any are in the employ of the warlords, so clearly the bad guys were going to be black. I think that game makers would be better off only having white characters when it comes to computer games, lest they portray black people in a negative way.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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