Water bills to rise to pay for ineptitude

Former flood chief: I would give up bonus – Telegraph.co.uk

“The former chief executive of the Environment Agency warned the Government that flooding was getting more and more extreme during the five-year period he held the post, he revealed today.”

Again more evidence that the ‘unexpected’ and ‘unprecedented’ weather conditions that ‘no-one could have foretold’ were predicted almost a decade ago.

According to their annual report they were aware of what could happen as recently as September:

“The report also disclosed that only last September, the agency’s board members expressed fears that they would be ill-prepared in the event of serious flooding.”

The former chief executive also points out that he would have expected his bonus to either be repaid or reduced had he been in charge, but wouldn’t we all had it been made blatantly obvious that they were undeserved.

Baroness Young also stated that we should expect water bills to go up to pay for the flood defences, but should we? Personally I’d suggest a pay cut for the senior staff that seem incapable of managing a more than adequate budget from the Government or perhaps dissolve the Environment Agency completely and make local residents responsible for their own flood defences. Not only will they have a vested interest in maintaining the defences they are also likely to be far more capable.


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