Scotland not really part of the UK

BBC News | Scotland exempt from UK flag plan

“Proposals to fly the Union flag every day on public buildings are set not to apply to Scotland.”

Another slap in the face to the English. It seems that this new plan to promote Britishness, applies only to the English!

“An SNP spokesman said: ‘Jack Straw agreed there are different considerations in Scotland than there are in England’.”

In what way? Surely if the aim of this is to promote Britishness it should include the whole of Britain, if not why bother? Is this just some weird plan to have England continue as ‘Britain’ but Scotland and Wales yet again get to go their own way? They have their own parliaments, England does not, they have their own laws and now it seems that they can fly their own flags over public buildings, almost as if they were independent!

It is absolutely absurd, if only buildings in England are going to fly the British flag then why can’t they fly the English flag instead? Afterall the Welsh and Scottish will apparently be flying their own flags.

This makes me sick as once again it is an example of Wales and Scotland being virtually independent states, yet England is footing the bill for their games of independence. Either they should be made fully independent or at least they should have to survive of the taxes that they raise within their own borders.

And what of our Scottish PM, it was afterall his idea to promote Britishness. If he isn’t going to make Scotland and Wales join in this celebration of unity then perhaps it should be a celebration of diversity and Englishness.

5 responses to “Scotland not really part of the UK

  1. Or we should have an English parliament so that we can decide to fly the English flag instead of having a Scotsman tell us to do stuff that his own constituents won’t.

  2. “…this new plan to promote Britishness, applies only to the English!”

    So, viva el gordo can’t promote britishness in scotland (or wales/Nireland?)
    So why is he even going on about britishness? If they’re not british in scotland (wales/nireland) then there is no british/Britain!
    Of course he thinks his very clever dreaming up his big piss take plan.
    Let me tell yer Gordon we aint going to fall for your horseshite.
    How was the trip, i.e. crawling ’round George Bush?

  3. You’ve hit the nail on the head there. Britain and British are English creations, used to extend English control over other lands.

  4. I don’t think that any nation on this earth has ever had as much grief for conquering other nations as the English. I am sure the Romans never had this, they are remembered for bringing peace, civilisation and medicine to the barbarians, for God’s sake even the bloody mongols don’t get this much stick for the countries that they conquered.

    I think that if you don’t want to spend hundreds of years being subjugated by another nation, don’t get conquered in the first place. The English seemed to have managed it just fine when attacked by the Spanish, French and Germans.

    The problem with the Welsh, Scottish and even the Irish is, they’ve never had it so good as when partnered with England, and they know it and bloody hate it. That is why Wales and Scotland won’t ever be independent.

  5. Where does everyone come when they’re in trouble! ENGLAND! Who do they want to sort their problems out! ENGLAND! Who do they want to pay for their cock ups! ENGLAND! Every time I turn the tv on another Jock telling me how to live in MY country! Every MP seems to be a Jock! If Scotland etc. is so great stay there and give me my country back and stop having my handouts!By the way Scots are irish really,haggis is Greek,whisky is chinese,bagpipes are Asian and kilts are made in Lancashire! Oh! Bonnie prince charlie was Italian by the way!

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