Doctors drain the NHS

Imagine this, you’re hard at work one day when in walks your boss. He gives you the worrying news that your employer is cutting back the number of hours that you work by 15%, but then smiles and tells you not to worry as you are getting a 25% pay increase! Complete fantasy? Well not quite, this is what happened to Doctors 3 years ago.

Admittedly they weren’t told to cut their hours by 15%, but they did anyway according to a new report.

Official: doctors do less work for lots more pay – Times Online

“The GPs’ Workload Survey, the first such study for 15 years, has found that after the introduction of a new contract three years ago, doctors are working on average about 15% fewer hours. During the same period pay has risen by nearly a quarter.”

More annoying is that we are constantly hearing about how tough nurses have it, how they are cutting back on midwives and nurses and making them work longer hours, now we know the reason why, they are doing the work that the Doctors are actually being paid for.

It’s not all bad though, there are some doctors with a conscience:

“Some doctors have argued that the pay rises are to the detriment of patient care because they permit GPs to work fewer hours.”

Of course if you give a section of society who already believe that they are under paid, undervalued and have a very high opinion of their own self worth, a big pay rise and the option to reduce their own hours if they need to, they are going to take it, just look at MPs.

Anyone who has tried to get an appointment to see their GP already knows that patient care is affected, you cannot book in advance, which means that you have to call in that day and won’t know whether you are going in to work or not until you’ve spent half an hour trying to get through. If you don’t get in, you have to go to work as normal and then call again in the afternoon and possibly after spending 15-20mins hitting redial get an appointment meaning you have to leave work as soon as you replace the receiver. There was a time when you could plan your life around visits to your doctor. No longer, now it is made abundantly clear that you are at their convenience not the other way about.

Doctors are meant to be paid a good wage in relation to the rest of society, but more than five times more than the average wage? Something isn’t right, particularly when doctors in Germany, a much richer country than the UK, come to Britain because they can earn up to five time more here as they can in Germany, up to £250,000.

Spending on the NHS has trebled since Labour came to power, coincidentally doctors salaries have increased by almost the same amount. No wonder the NHS is in such dire straits. Doctors should realise that they get paid what society can afford, or thinks they deserve, not what they think they deserve. If they want to decide their own salaries then they should have become MPs.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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