We’re doomed, give up now…

BBC News |Humans ‘affect global rainfall’

“Human-induced climate change has affected global rainfall patterns over the 20th Century, a study suggests.”

It seems that no matter what the weather is like, it is all the fault of global warming. Last year the signs of global warming were obvious, there was a heat wave and again it was the hottest year on record giving proof that in just 40..30..no just 20 years time Britain will apparently be a desert.

“Current climate change predictions for the UK suggest that the frequency of the these extreme periods of high temperature and pollution will increase.”

Dr Gary Corlett – University of Leicester

This summer though, it has rained and rained like no other summer before so again the climatologists, computer modellers, weather experts and enviro-mentalists are all out dancing in the rain shouting “See I told you, global warming!” as if the fact that it has rained more heavily than it has for a while were in some way indisputable proof of man made climate change.

Apparently Britain won’t be a desert, no the opposite in fact, Britain will pretty much be underwater. I feel so safe in the knowledge that these guys really know what they are talking about and really know what is going on.

I am sure too that next year when we have summer blizzards they’ll be out again gesticulating and foaming at the mouth at their good fortune for all this incontrovertible evidence, albeit contradictory.

It’s just shame that I won’t be around to see history judge these fools in the same way that it has those buffoons that believed that the earth was flat.


One response to “We’re doomed, give up now…

  1. they used to say it was because of the Cows farting that caused it? Tory MPs wanted to kill of all the Cows! Like they want to kill all od the Bee’s? We all know that the world would be a better place, should we kill off all the MPs in the world!

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