Terror attacks linked

BBC NEWS | UK terror threat now ‘critical’

“The UK has been placed on its highest level of terrorism alert after an attack on Glasgow Airport was linked to two car bombs found in London.”

When I first heard about this attack I was sure that it was the same people that had attempted to carry out the bombings in London, now it seems certain that they were connected. Although this was a completely ill thought out and botched attempt at a bombing, it still shows just what lengths these traitorous idiots will go to, to attack their own homeland and people.

I can only speculate that perhaps their original plan was to flee the country from Glasgow but either thought that they were being sought and wouldn’t be able to board a plane and so decided that suicide was the best way out; or that they went to Glasgow for their act of Martyrdom because London was on a state of high alert, although it has to be said that there are plenty of other places between London and Glasgow where they could have killed themselves.

I say kill themselves, they didn’t of course, perhaps realising at the last minute that death by raging inferno isn’t the swiftest or least painful way to go. Instead deciding to jump out of the vehicle and trying to punch their way clear, perhaps intending to blend in with the crowd. Unfortunately it seems that their conflagrant clothing gave them away and they then had to fight it out. A young Asian man shouting “Allah-O-Akbar” whilst ablaze must have been one of the most bizarre sights ever witnessed at Glasgow Airport.

As I said before though, it doesn’t really seem that they thought it out too well. When I saw on the news that they had planted a nail bomb inside a car in London I thought it was a little strange. Nail bombs can be quite deadly, unless the blast is likely to be blocked by say, concrete walls or a car. Not to mention that their ‘explosive’ was petrol and gas, both of which are really incendiary devices and likely to just burn rather than explode (as they discovered at Glasgow Airport). A high powered explosive could have caused quite a bit of damage at either the airport or in London, but again you not really going to get a good dispersal rate having the nails in a car.

“One of the suspects taken to the city’s Royal Alexandra Hospital to be treated for severe burns was in possession of “a suspect device” which had been found on his person, Chief Constable Rae said.”

Apparently the suspect device was a suicide belt, of course minus the actual explosive otherwise the bloke would have used them. It was probably just worn for effect. It seems that despite the two failed bombings on London, they still thought that the jeep was going to explode in the terminal giving them a fast track to Paradise and the 72 virgins. Unfortunately now they are in for a spell inside, and in all likelihood are going to be the virgins to someone else’s paradise.

Fortunately it seems that despite all the attacks, all the petrol, gas and nails, the only people hurt were the terrorists themselves, but this of course begs the question, how long till another big attack that isn’t foiled? And how many attacks until the people of Britain start turning on the 3% of the population that bow their heads to Mecca five times a day?


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