BBC can say the N-word but not the R-word

I remember watching the news about the Big Brother racism incident, no not the one involving Jade Goody, which if anything was just bitchiness, but the one where the girl said the word ‘nigger’, which in itself wouldn’t have been so bad, except that she was white. Anyway the girl was kicked out, and after the Jade Goody business the whole thing made headline news. What surprised me was that the BBC said the word ‘nigger’ on the six o’clock news and on the website. Cleary printed for all the world to see and quite right too, what would be the point of talking about the word in question without mentioning the actual word? Well played BBC News, it is after all just a word and merely a corruption of the Latin word for black, niger.

So I was quite surprised to read this article:

BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Brain game pulled over ‘offence’

“A video game which uses a term abusive to people with disabilities is being pulled by its manufacturer.”

Not because of the game or really anything to do with the story, but because the BBC hadn’t mentioned anywhere in the article what the so called offensive word was. They’d said ‘nigger’ live on air but won’t dare put the word ‘retard’ (I am assuming that was the word as I have no idea, the BBC didn’t mention it) on the website lest someone finds it offensive? Now, I am not exactly an expert on mental illness but I think that it is far more likely that a black person would be watching the 6 o’clock news or viewing the BBC website and become offended than a retard mentally challenged person would be perusing the BBC News site and stumble across an offensive word.

“Nicola was shocked when she had performed poorly at one part of the game and it rated her efforts in a manner derogatory to the disabled.”

I just hope that someone had the balls to mention it to the game makers so that they can remove it.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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